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Living Sacrifice completes new full-length

Sunday, June 2, 2002 9:20 PM PT / 2,784 views
Arkansas' Living Sacrifice have completed their next full-length for Solid State Records. The album will be called "Conceived In Fire" and is slated for release this September, although some samplers should be available at Furnace Fest in August. According to the band, "this is the heaviest record yet, for sure. Not the fastest or most technical, but definitely the heaviest... It is not like 'The Hammering Process.' There is not a song on here that could be compared with 'Perfect.' This is just a heavier record. It is the record we decided to make." Here is the track listing: Imminent War Symbiotic 3x3 We Carried Your Body The Poisoning Send Your Regrets Subtle Alliance Into Again Separation Black Seeds Ignite Distrust The Martyr Reach For The Sky

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