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Cauldron recording new album

Official press release: Canadian heavy metal heroes Cauldron have entered Rogue Studios in the band's hometown of Toronto to begin recording their new album. Titled Burning Fortune, the follow-up to Cauldron's critically acclaimed 2009 debut album, Chained To The Nite, is due to be released on Earache Records in early 2011. Cauldron frontman Jason Decay comments prior to entering the studio: "We finished up pre-production yesterday at the shit factory and now we're all packed up and ready to load into the Rogue Studios this morning a few blocks away, where we'll begin work on 'Burning Fortune'! It's about time, and the nice thing is that we're actually rehearsed for this album, so we're pretty excited to get this thing recorded and out there. We'll also try to do a studio blog update thing to keep you posted on the album progress." Follow the band's daily antics as they record Burning Fortune, at A snippet from the band's first blog posting follows: "Day 1 of recording: Chris and I rode our chariots over to the stewdio at 11am and waited for Jason to roll up in his car with Chris' drum set and bud Josh for drum assistance. Jason drove by, but with no drum set. Then he left again and came back 20 minutes later with a drum set. Our album's being recorded by engineer/producer extraordinaire Jameson Elliot, who you may recognize from recording the first 2 Goat Horn albums. "Uh anyway, we spent most of the first day getting the drums tuned and miked, plus the guitar and bass sounding good. Took a few breaks to eat shitty food from Tim Hortons and then got back to testing levels. Around this time Steve Demise showed up to check out some tunez. The first song we recorded was 'All or Nothing'. The whole recording will be live off the floor with doubled guitar/solos/vocals done later. So we did a few takes of 'All or Nothing' and then took a break and biked over to shitty Pizza Pizza with Demise to order a couple of the cheap 1 topping large pizzas."

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