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Throwdown vocalist situation

Wednesday, May 29, 2002 10:45 AM PT / 5,294 views
You may have heard, or may have noticed (if you've seen them live), that guitarist Dave Peters has been singing for Throwdown during the past month or so, instead of Keith Barney. Dave has performed at five shows and seems to be handling the job admirably. Keith was originally going to take a break to allow for vocal chord/throat healing, but there is a possibility that these changes may be permanent. At this point the band hasn't made an official switch and they will continue to wait until Keith gets better, however, they may never go back. Things are very much "up in the air" for the moment and according to the band, "All we know is that we want to keep this band going, and trading guitarist for singer was what we thought was the best thing to do." Keith has continued writing lyrics but hasn't sung at practice, so time will tell. Otherwise, Throwdown is still talking to various labels and working on new material.

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