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All Shall Perish guitarist readies solo project

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 9:48 PM PT / 3,902 views
Official press release: All Shall Perish's new guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate, Francesco Artusato, has completed work on his dynamic new, all instrumental solo endeavor entitled Chaos and The Primordial. This all out technical shred fest features 10 truly diverse tracks that takes the listener on an all encompassing musical journey and the depth and diversity in which Artusato does so is astonishing. Artusato is proud to launch his new MySpace to promote this solo release, so head over now to www.myspace.com/francescoartusatomusic in order to check out some new audio samples. Explosive technicality combined with musical taste and an energetic sense of phrase is the main emphasis behind the Chaos and The Primordial album, so enjoy. Artusato checks in with the following report: "I just got back from my first tour with All Shall Perish playing four great shows as direct support for the legendary Danzig. It was such an amazing and mind blowing experience! We will be back on the road starting this weekend for the Summer Slaughter North American tour and will then head out to Europe after that. It's going to be great. "This is also an exciting moment for me because my first solo record Chaos and the Primordial is finally finished. It's 10 tracks of all instrumental music that explore the rock/metal language in singular ways. I'm very proud of the final product. It sounds the way I envisioned it thanks to Ben Cohen, who mixed and mastered it at Sky Blue Studios. It took a lot of patience and attention due to the crazy amount of recorded guitar tracks (doubles, harmonies and different layers and textures). Some of the songs have more 25 guitar tracks each! This disc is the result of the experiences, studies, thoughts and musical moments that shaped my sound and vision throughout these years. "The first sample is taken from the 1st track titled 'Chaos and the Primordial.' Overall, it's a very technical and intense song that has a progressive vibe with some very open and lyrical parts mixed with very powerful moments of intensity and complexity. "The second sample is taken from the 3rd track titled 'Typhoeus' and this song combines some of the most challenging riffs and phrases that I've ever written. The intricacy of the parts and its wild and forceful nature are what make this song comparable to a typhoon: uncontainable and feral! "The third sample is taken from the 6th track titled 'The Metamorphosis,' which is probably the most experimental and unconventional sounding song of the album. The song is distinguished by crazy time signatures, peculiar sounding lines and phrases and a constant mutating form that makes the song evolve and devolve within itself. "I hope you enjoy the music and thanks for listening. Stay tuned for news, more samples, lessons and release date to follow in the coming weeks and be sure to come up and say hello if you make it out to the Summer Slaughter tour." Artusato was born in Italy and is a product of a very musical family. He started playing saxophone at the age of 14 and switched to guitar when he was 19. After graduating Suma Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2006, he relocated to Los Angeles where he has been busy with recording, touring and teaching. His most notable accomplishment to date was being invited back to Boston in 2008 to perform 1st electric guitar for Vuk Kulenovic's "Electric Symphony", a 70 minute massive symphony, sharing the stage with such renowned musicians as Kenwood Dennard on drums (Miles Davis, Sting, Chick Corea) and conducted by Tibor Pusztai. Make no mistake, Francesco Artusato is a force to be reckoned with and will soon be mentioned with the likes of Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, John Petrucci and Jeff Loomis, among other guitar heroes.

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