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Cephalic Carnage announces new guitarist

Cephalic Carnage has announced the addition of guitar player Brian Hopp. The band has issued the following: "So yeah yeah old news, but as most of you know Zac [Joe] left the band, but what you don't know is who our new guitarist is. Please welcome Brian Hopp a.k.a. Legolas to the Cephalic family. He's got a really sweet bow and arrow, and his guitar playing is almost as good as his archery. We are extremely pleased with his work on the new record, and we think you will be too. Come tickle his chin and give him a pinch on Summer's Laughter!"


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ShaolinLambKiller 7/6/2010 12:28:18 AM

first. didn't know the other guy left.

mattox 7/6/2010 12:28:49 AM

laughter not slaughter?

THEFURYOFCURRY 7/6/2010 1:06:32 AM

it's a joke, idiot.

dOINK 7/6/2010 1:17:03 AM

mad props yo

manifest 7/6/2010 1:21:07 AM

mattox 7/6/2010 12:28:49 AM laughter not slaughter? LOL

bringer_des_blutes 7/6/2010 1:29:02 AM

yea dont recall the zac dippin, and very excited to see them on summers laughter

brend00m 7/6/2010 2:00:43 AM

Zac left a while ago, it just wasn't common knowledge. He left before MDF 09 in fact

iprayadean 7/6/2010 3:20:24 AM

should i fear this said archery?

MarginError 7/6/2010 8:17:32 AM

Zac was awesome live, it's a bummer that he's gone. I'm sure the new guy is good enough though. Can't sign just anybody into this band.

drewcifer 7/6/2010 9:18:39 AM

i have never met a single person who has met cephalic carnage and not walked away feeling that they were the greatest dudes

Godfatherofsoul 7/6/2010 12:41:14 PM

fck @ Zac leaving, he made that band.

forumdrama 7/6/2010 1:03:02 PM

Hahaha, I'm glad I clicked on this and read it.

filled_with_rape_semen 7/6/2010 1:51:07 PM

Great band. Zac will be missed.

xenosapien 7/6/2010 2:47:57 PM

I can't believe how extremely old this news is.

LoydChristmas 7/6/2010 3:33:01 PM

at least he accurately described the fest.

casketofaids 7/6/2010 4:24:33 PM

LoydChristmas 7/6/2010 3:33:01 PM "at least he accurately described the fest." BINGO!!!

tim_curry 7/6/2010 5:21:02 PM

no surprise seeing as though they're all older dudes. stoked on the new record and summer slaughter.

BASTARD 7/6/2010 7:21:59 PM


anaturaldisaster 7/7/2010 12:03:18 AM

Awesome band and dudes, can't wait for them to tour again and the smokeathon commences.

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