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Thrash and Burn 2010 Tour line-up

The line-up for the Thrash and Burn Tour 2010 in North America has been solidified. Asking Alexandria and Born of Osiris will co-headline the festival with support from: Kittie, Stick To Your Guns, Impending Doom, Through The Eyes of the Dead (first half), Evergreen Terrace (second half), Greeley Estates, Periphery, Motionless In White, and Chelsea Grin. The trek will run from July 16th through August 15th. Dates are expected to surface later this week.


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ed_money 5/26/2010 5:02:31 PM

fcking die !!!

southside 5/26/2010 5:06:27 PM

So all of these bands blow for real, but seriously who is asking alexandria... i have honestly never even heard of this band?

godgrinder 5/26/2010 5:07:03 PM

Gay. Cool. Cool. Gay. fcking Gay. Cool. Gay. Gay. AWESEOME. GAY. Gay.

julio_isnt_really_stoked 5/26/2010 5:07:22 PM

This tour is overall trash.

SteveO 5/26/2010 5:09:58 PM

IMPENDING DOOM IS... well, you know...

Loves_Jenkem 5/26/2010 5:12:53 PM

Jesus Christ, see me not go to this.

brend00m 5/26/2010 5:13:16 PM

hahahaha holy shit, this tour just gets more pathetic each year

IHatePubes 5/26/2010 5:21:09 PM

I'd rather suck myself off.

little_alex_fts 5/26/2010 5:25:12 PM

asking alexandria...thrash............................a m i missing something?

BASTARD 5/26/2010 5:28:46 PM

Impending Doom is STOKED!

xmichaelsammichx 5/26/2010 5:30:49 PM

europe gets dying fetus and we get asking alexandria? fck

BONER_JAMZ 5/26/2010 5:35:00 PM

as if sucking yourself off would be a bad thing..

xLionHeartx 5/26/2010 5:38:35 PM

Jesus does not approve.

andydufresnelikesmetal 5/26/2010 5:42:19 PM

Mike Swingle is stoked!

composed 5/26/2010 5:51:31 PM

Wow, hooray for the next shit tour. Seriously, great job wasting time while gaining money and destroying the music scene.

mikediaz 5/26/2010 5:59:54 PM

awful fcking tour.

meanmuggin 5/26/2010 6:00:30 PM

Sounds gay

aliensknowthetruth 5/26/2010 6:07:44 PM

chelsea grin... You're at the very bottom tier of every tour line up. The only people who care about your music are 12 year old kids. Give up already.

TZAZ2507 5/26/2010 6:22:08 PM

yea i mean...emmure should actually be on this AND this is just a joke ha

rufioxdestructo 5/26/2010 6:27:56 PM

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2 headlining bands suck each others dcks off, tour cancelled.

mynameiskill 5/26/2010 6:32:16 PM

Its probably been a year since I last commented anything on here. I had to log in to say that this is one of the gayest tours I have ever seen.

anthonybourdain 5/26/2010 6:39:25 PM

Legitimate question - is Asking Alexandria really that big? I mean, STYG and Impending Doom are pretty big, I didn't realize Ash hit the jackpot on AA.

gerbil_bits 5/26/2010 6:45:24 PM


Stupid_News_Poster 5/26/2010 6:56:12 PM

how fcking gay is this tour? you're going to have 12 year old deathcore kids, jesus freaks, goth kids, wannabe hxc kids, and he-she's walking around. fck this fcking retarted ass sumerian tour.

sl0shed666 5/26/2010 6:59:13 PM

will go for Doom and Periphery. fck Chelsea Grin.

mydadfucksme 5/26/2010 7:02:58 PM

thats BR00TAL! sumerian fest tour 010'

MuseumOfScienceHistory 5/26/2010 7:44:23 PM

none of these bands are christcore? jeez ignoramus'

obscenities 5/26/2010 8:36:07 PM

This is like one of those bags of Doritos that has two completely different flavors and they taste like shit when you put them in the bag together.

Asshole_Casserole 5/26/2010 8:37:47 PM

I'd rather spend my summer being a black child molester's cellmate in prison than attend this gay fest.

emoxfag 5/26/2010 8:55:56 PM

no thrash, hopefully they make up for it in burn. and kittie. really?

allthegoodnamesaregone 5/26/2010 9:01:40 PM

van flip for every band on this tour!

casketofaids 5/26/2010 9:10:59 PM

More like this tour is trash and needs to burn to the ground

fat_fuck 5/26/2010 9:40:37 PM

after seeing this, I just felt sad on the inside. Kids really do pay to see these terrible excuses for music.

fat_fuck 5/26/2010 9:41:13 PM


kngdeuce 5/26/2010 9:41:36 PM

Wow, i was really excited for thrash and burn to be announced after going last year but oh my fcking god this line up this gay as fck only good bands boo,impending doom, and chelsea grin

fat_fuck 5/26/2010 9:48:22 PM

"only good bands boo,impending doom, and chelsea grin" do know you're on lambgoat right?

PapHimself 5/26/2010 10:05:14 PM

from Darkest Hour to Asking Alexandria. fck all.

kniferevenge 5/26/2010 10:15:45 PM

will attend if its close.

sofakingcool 5/26/2010 10:40:14 PM

how the fck is asking alexandria headlining? fck that gay shit. would go to see evergree and kill aa

cnnole 5/26/2010 11:27:50 PM

chelsea grin? this tour gets worse every year. maybe, just maybe would watch impending doom, but only if they're in their costumes.

AaronForBattle 5/26/2010 11:29:13 PM

this is sooo fckin badass!! so stoked

i_talk_shit 5/26/2010 11:53:01 PM

i know i am old when i am more excited for my INTEGRITY, STARKWEATHER and UNDERDOG cds to arrive. who is Asking Alexandria anyway?! seriously, why is "thrash" even in the tour name anymore?! fck all imposters.

drew_breeees 5/27/2010 12:22:53 AM

What the fck.......

rochesterian 5/27/2010 1:00:29 AM

this is fcking terrible.

chease_burger 5/27/2010 1:25:32 AM

will fck every dude in kittie at every date, half of you closet gays will be at this as well

djunior 5/27/2010 1:37:44 AM

how gay -.- what the fck is up with europe getting a decent lineup while we get this horrible bullshit

composed 5/27/2010 1:43:20 AM

Agreed with the "Thrash" needing to be taken out of the name. Also, is it that we are losing good musicians? Are bands breaking up? Are they costing more to book? What's the deal? Because I see nothing but crap here.

Danger 5/27/2010 1:52:44 AM

"Stupid_News_Poster 5/26/2010 6:56:12 PM: how fcking gay is this tour? you're going to have 12 year old deathcore kids, jesus freaks, goth kids, wannabe hxc kids, and he-she's walking around." hahaha i thought that was pretty good

kniferevenge 5/27/2010 2:26:59 AM

chelsea grin... You're at the very bottom tier of every tour line up. The only people who care about your music are 12 year old kids. Give up already.-There a smaller band working there way up why would they be high up on any of the tours yet?

kniferevenge 5/27/2010 2:28:27 AM

"Stupid_News_Poster 5/26/2010 6:56:12 PM: how fcking gay is this tour? you're going to have 12 year old deathcore kids, jesus freaks, goth kids, wannabe hxc kids, and he-she's walking around."-What a whiny jackass.Dont attend..simple.

xallheartx 5/27/2010 2:51:27 AM

i dont know what to do with my hands

rapezombie 5/27/2010 3:10:06 AM

So this is after Kittie gets off tour with ICP then?

TheAwfulDin 5/27/2010 5:29:00 AM

Asking Alexandria is more like a pet peeve than a band...seriously, please someone look them up on youtube and see what all "kids" are talking'll break your heart...Asking Alexandria, this decade's Limp Bizkit.

metalmetal 5/27/2010 7:28:53 AM

converge is stoked!

eatingbigdicks 5/27/2010 8:01:19 AM


BrettMichaels 5/27/2010 8:58:37 AM

I see now that Ozzfest will have a pretty though competition this year

staynegativefaggot 5/27/2010 9:26:27 AM

ughghghhh i'd rather pay for gay midget porn than this

LoydChristmas 5/27/2010 9:26:36 AM

Sumerian and Rise are the worst things in the world. Cranking out regurgitated horseshit bands like that commercial with the pretty colored dell laptops. Also, guitar tech wankers, Periphery are nothin special.

xmusicislifex 5/27/2010 9:32:21 AM

long haired jerks that only like/listen to two bands and live with their parents are NOT stoked

zombeexx 5/27/2010 11:56:55 AM

Asking Alexandria headlining this really? So fcking weak. Trash and Burn? I think so.

andydufresnelikesmetal 5/27/2010 12:12:08 PM

You idiots continue to do nothing but bitch and complain about these bands. I don't get it...if you don't like these bands/tours don't pay attention to it. Music changes and there is nothing you can do about it...get over it

composed 5/27/2010 12:47:38 PM

Shut up. Stop buying shit cds and start complaining. It helps more than whatever you're doing right now.

andydufresnelikesmetal 5/27/2010 12:53:23 PM

first off i don't buy these cds and second you morons complaining on threads on this site aren't going to help get rid of music dumb ass

xmusicislifex 5/27/2010 1:44:27 PM

dont get me wrong i dont like any of these bands but these people complain because their life is most likely shit and apparently liking ONLY 1 or 2 bands is "cool"

PapHimself 5/27/2010 2:41:18 PM

STYG is actually pretty good. Impendning, TTEOTD and CG are tolerable. Everything else is pantywaste gayoot shit.

harrydunn 5/27/2010 2:42:12 PM

Actually the Periphery cd rocked my ass off. but then again im a "guitar-tech-gay." Too bad they'r playin with this shite

PapHimself 5/27/2010 2:42:47 PM

Oh and Evergreen Terrace is tolerable as well. But seriously, who the fck thought it was okay to book Kittie on this tour?

IStillBelieveInWhtWeBuilt 5/27/2010 2:47:31 PM

fck every last fcking god damn motherfcking thing i fcking hate chelsea grin!!! fck everything last god damn motherfcking thing!!!!

IStillBelieveInWhtWeBuilt 5/27/2010 2:52:50 PM

andydufresnelikesmetal---- fck you you fcking c*nt

youallsuck 5/27/2010 3:24:19 PM

lol at kittie not even headlining tours anymore, but I bet they still have a fcking bus...

xmusicislifex 5/27/2010 3:30:23 PM

IStillBelieveInWhtWeBuilt 5/27/2010 2:52:50 PM andydufresnelikesmetal---- fck you you fcking c*nt <<watch out we gotta tough guy here!

davidisrestless 5/27/2010 3:53:35 PM

This is turrrrrrible.... just turrible.

LoydChristmas 5/27/2010 4:22:00 PM

how does a band i've never even heard of come out and headline over a bunch of bands (the only one worth a shit being ET) that i actually have heard of...

towerofsluts 5/27/2010 5:50:55 PM

andydufresnelikesmetal - " I cant handle the truth so please dont say anything negative or else I get angry because im a HUGE gay"

joshuamiasma 5/27/2010 7:17:40 PM

All US tours are fcking shit now, I no longer have the will to put up with this gayry.

drakesavage 5/27/2010 9:47:14 PM

Evergreen Terrace? haha why?

deathamongstus 5/28/2010 12:16:30 AM

Jesus fck. Im so glad i live in Europe.

xEMMUREGROUPIEx 5/28/2010 12:35:36 PM

bahaha the only good bands are only on half of the tour haha

Chrellwood 5/28/2010 2:17:14 PM

How the fck is Asking Alexandria headlining/co-headlining? I do not understand it.

andydufresnelikesmetal 5/28/2010 2:54:15 PM

hahaha.. real tough behind a computer screen. sure most of this tools on this site who hate everything wouldn't say half the shit they say to someone in person.

KDecapitation 5/28/2010 5:05:11 PM

hmm what a fcking random line up

towerofsluts 5/28/2010 5:41:55 PM

andydufresnelikesmetal 5/28/2010 2:54:15 PM hahaha.. Im real tough behind a computer screen. .. I hate Jesus.

LOLWHUT 5/29/2010 4:00:31 PM

I wonder whos dck Asking Alexdria had to suck to headline/co-headline & to be on this tour

kniferevenge 5/29/2010 4:18:49 PM

nobodys cuz their actually selling records.

big_metal_al 5/31/2010 4:33:42 AM

Thrash? This time around, I see not one band here that is thrash. Would / may go for TTEOTD, BOO, and ET.

Plac3bo 6/1/2010 1:12:29 PM

They really took a step down from last year. Kittie?! Are you Serious??

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