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Zoroaster completes new album

Official press release: Celebrated Atlanta, GA "psych metal" band Zoroaster has completed work on its sophomore album. Entitled Matador, the record is set for a July 13, 2010 North American release date via E1 Music. With Matador, Zoroaster dares to defy genre-classification and proves that the band's formidable reputation precedes it for a reason. Produced and engineered by Sanford Parker at Glow in the Dark Studios and The Living Room Recording in Atlanta, GA and mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago, IL, Matador is a magnetic tour-de-force, blending vivid rhythms and radiance with the band's classic use of dynamics and power. Creative, distinct, graceful and strong, Matador features the traits of a benchmark release. From the cosmic march of album opener "D.N.R." through to the leviathan-like closing title track, it is immediately evident that Zoroaster has joined friends – and fellow Atlanta natives – Mastodon and new label mates High on Fire as a unit determined to push modern heavy music into new and uncharted realms. Matador's dynamite cover art has been unveiled and is available for viewing at this location. The record's face and album art was designed by artist Brian Mercer. The final track listing for Zoroaster's Matador is as follows: 1. "D.N.R." 2. "Ancient Ones" 3. "Odyssey" 4. "Trident" 5. "Firewater" 6. "Old World" 7. "Black Hole" 8. "Odyssey II" 9. "Matador"


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chicken_gang_bang 5/4/2010 3:23:29 PM

first post

ryaninstereo_ 5/4/2010 3:30:06 PM

awesome band, way better than mastadon or anything mastadon could attempt to create

Fur_Beach 5/4/2010 4:16:56 PM

Good band, excited for this.

BalconyCollapse 5/4/2010 5:41:55 PM

"Celebrated Atlanta, GA "psych metal" band Zoroaster has completed work on its sophomore album." this is actually their third album. should be awesome at any rate.

nilorthenile 5/4/2010 10:14:30 PM

should be good.

Asshole_Casserole 5/4/2010 10:58:40 PM

yeah I remember when everyone on this forum absolutely grabbed onto Mastodon's nuts, now everyone's like this fckpuke up above me and needlessly talking shit. get beatd.

nilorthenile 5/4/2010 11:26:12 PM

don't too crazy, guy. you're equally as fcking stupid as that guy up there.

fukuimdrunk 5/5/2010 5:20:42 PM

then you just labeled his intellegence to that of a tire... but this should be a solid record

the_beard 5/5/2010 8:42:31 PM

Voice of Saturn was sick, this should be even better.

anaturaldisaster 5/6/2010 6:11:54 PM

Should be good. Surprised E1 is putting this out.

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