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Killwhitneydead, Demonstration tour cancelled

Official Press Release: North Carolina Mediaskare Records group The Demonstration have been known for and developed a reputation and expectation for accompanying Killwhitneydead on an annual full US summer tour that has become a tradition over the past 4 consecutive years. "We were all set to keep the tradition rolling and go out again this summer on our 5th summer tour in a row. However, as the tour was being booked by Cody at Love As Arson, a spiral of unforeseen events occurred forcing Killwhitneydead to pull the plug on the tour, subsequently creating the same fate for The Demonstration. It wasn't anything that our band could control. Life just happens sometimes. The band is still together and stronger than ever, working on our next record, the follow up to 2008's 'Accidents WIth Intelligence.' However, no touring plans are in our immediate future, although we plan to hit the road hard once the writing process is complete. In response to being unable to meet our fans expectations with our summer tour, we have booked two huge local shows to give our home state, the core of our fan base, the chance to see us play this summer. Although two shows obviously won't make it up to the disappointed fans in other regions of the country, it's still a great chance to get as many of our friends, family, fans in NC and those willing to travel from other areas in the south the chance to see Killwhitneydead and The Demonstration on stage together for the first time in 2010, and possibly the only time this summer. So if you're in the area, don't miss this rare opportunity and come party with us!" In related news, the band is currently in the market for a new booking agent, since Cody seems to have retired from Love As Arson, as did our previous agent Mike Kelley. "As we are working on our next record, we are simultaneously seeking new representation. While we hope to continue working with Mediaskare Records, we are keeping all options open and are looking for new management and booking agent because we are planning to push The Demonstration as fast and hard as we can 100% after the new record is done, separately from Killwhitneydead, who is on a hiatus with the exception of these two NC shows; So interested industry reps hit us up at and let's chat!" The only two shows booked for both bands this summer are as follows: Friday, May 21st - Burlington, NC @ The Raven Saturday, May 22nd - Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall

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