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Decrepit Birth completes new album

Official press release: Oakland CA's tech-death masters, Decrepit Birth, have completed work on their new album Polarity to be released on July 27th in North America. Drums were recorded at Sharkbite Studios (Exodus) with producer Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Suffocation, Immolation) while all other tracking was handled by Matt Sotelo before being mixed by Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. Guitarist Matt Sotelo commented on the new material as well as their being added to this years Summer Slaughter tour: "Polarity is a musical odyssey into the mind and soul, covering many different emotions. This album really fuses together where we are as musicians, by combining melody and brutality on a new level. We are also very proud to be part of the Summer Slaughter tour for the second time in a row! Get ready to be pummeled by some of the best bands in extreme music!" Polarity track listing: 01. (A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil 02. Metatron 03. Resonance 04. Polarity 05. Solar Impulse 06. Mirroring Dimensions 07. A Brief Odyssey in Time 08. The Quickening of Time 09. Sea of Memories 10. Symbiosis 11. Darkness Embrace Mail order edition bonus track: 12. See Through Dreams (Death cover)


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wyatt 4/23/2010 10:34:52 PM

first badass

notorious_dob 4/23/2010 10:43:16 PM

not one member of this band is from or lives in oakland

Sandwiches 4/23/2010 11:05:22 PM

Will jerk it to

xmusicislifex 4/23/2010 11:33:47 PM

long haired pissed off kids are stoked

guitarist_sandy 4/23/2010 11:46:05 PM

fcking stoked for this

xEMMUREGROUPIEx 4/24/2010 12:18:35 AM

mega fcking stoked for this!!!

fuckyourband 4/24/2010 12:52:17 AM

extreme music is EXTREME!!!

waped 4/24/2010 1:42:07 AM

blasbeats faster than god

obscenities 4/24/2010 4:14:19 AM

These guys are from Santa Cruz...

demonburger 4/24/2010 5:30:09 AM

about time someone covered death.

MarginError 4/24/2010 9:58:02 AM

Very cool. Will buy the vinyl.

decrepit 4/24/2010 10:28:43 AM

fcking stoked

deadendroadz1 4/24/2010 11:59:58 AM

yes yes yes yes YES!

IHatePubes 4/24/2010 12:24:16 PM

Ignite the Tesla Coil Ignite the Tesla Coil Ignite the Tesla Coil Ignite the Tesla Coil Ignite the Tesla Coil Ignite the Tesla Coil

Stupid_News_Poster 4/24/2010 1:43:22 PM

pretty excited about this!

harrydunn 4/24/2010 2:45:33 PM

Decrepit Band

harrydunn 4/24/2010 2:46:34 PM


philadelphia_breadsmasher 4/24/2010 3:01:28 PM

decrepit 4/24/2010 10:28:43 AM fcking stoked deadendroadz1 4/24/2010 11:59:58 AM yes yes yes yes YES!

xithyl 4/24/2010 3:15:40 PM

unmastered leak, check my profile for the link.

lightafireinthesky 4/24/2010 4:39:30 PM

most technical motograter riffs i've ever heard.

crabpeople 4/24/2010 4:50:47 PM

dudes with gnarley beards are stoked

LoydChristmas 4/24/2010 5:56:46 PM

Lol @ decrepit band

minus 4/24/2010 7:23:44 PM

Awesome, can't wait.

Godfatherofsoul 4/24/2010 8:39:07 PM

Lightafireinyourass, cease this motograter shit you've killed it.

Danger 4/25/2010 6:24:48 PM

they're from santa cruz fckass! get your shit straight

zaomustdie 4/26/2010 5:28:01 AM

who gives a shit where this band is from?

forumdrama 4/26/2010 11:08:41 PM

And Time Begins was a great album, and the bands evolved sound on Diminishing Between Worlds was incredible. Very excited to see how this new album sounds!

musicsuxxx 4/28/2010 6:49:37 PM

Amazing band, amazing sense of fashion. I give them a 9.2

thenightmareofsolomon 4/29/2010 10:43:18 PM

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I like ...And Time Begins a lot better. They have become so..."progressive" anymore. Still, EXTREMELY excited to see them on 8/23, and stoked for Polarity

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