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Torche, Boris split set for June release

The previously announced split featuring Torche and Boris will now be available on June 29th. Titled "Chapter Ahead Being Fake," the 10" vinyl release will handled by Hydra Head Records. In related news, Torche recently finished self-recording new material which is tentatively expected to surface in late-August.


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mannequinrein 4/22/2010 4:34:28 PM

first as fck, suck it.

mannequinrein 4/22/2010 4:35:06 PM

and this will be awesome, both releases!

as_i_laycrying 4/22/2010 5:01:33 PM

this news > fat guy from bloodlined calligraphy

mattftf 4/22/2010 5:07:48 PM

seeing Torche tomorrow, yeaAAAAHHHH

boilermaker 4/22/2010 5:12:20 PM

this leaked like a year ago and it's terrible

MarginError 4/22/2010 5:12:36 PM

so, the album that leaked in October is finally coming out?

Stupid_News_Poster 4/22/2010 5:40:28 PM

coming from hydra head, it probably sucks ass.

Godfatherofsoul 4/22/2010 6:03:02 PM

What boiler said, twas fcking abysmal.

the_smile_that_kills 4/22/2010 6:37:21 PM

i wanna be excited......

xnotsoedgex 4/22/2010 7:02:10 PM

torche's side of the 10" is atrocious...and is 5 minutes and 53 seconds, with gay of the shittiest releases of the year, undoubtedly...waste your money now.

Drifter 4/22/2010 9:10:56 PM

yeah, King Beef is heavy as hell live but it is recorded like shit, the drums sound like Soulfly

conduit 4/23/2010 4:03:18 AM

yeah it sucked

LoydChristmas 4/23/2010 10:18:18 AM

Yusss i am invincibllllllllle

Bear_Skyfire 4/23/2010 10:29:27 AM

all you puke fcks who are talking shit can suck it, all that torche puts out is golden, and this wasn't leaked in october, it came out as a split CD in Japan on Daymare and the packaging is awesome, Hydra Head has just been dragging its feet

TheVillain 4/23/2010 11:41:10 AM

Hey, fcking nerd, the people aren't talking shit about the band. They are talking shit about the production of (mainly) the drums.

Krangs_tiny_pebus 4/23/2010 12:13:12 PM

Dang it boris! Why did you have to go a get on this? I would rather have a torche 10" single or something than own anything bearing the boris name.

lightafireinthesky 4/25/2010 12:52:00 AM

torche now has motograter on their tracks to up the heaviness.

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