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The Contortionist enters studio

Official press release: The Contortionist has issued an in-studio update giving fans an inside look at their upcoming full-length debut, Exoplanet, coming this summer. The Indianapolis, Indiana natives are currently in the process of tracking drums, and are finished with roughly half of the new record. "The album is going to have a very conceptual theme, but it's not a full blown concept album," states The Contortionist guitarist Robby Baca. "We love the idea of doing a concept album, but we feel that for our first record, it would be best to keep things simple." To top off their exciting recording process, The Contortionist have tapped Unearth's Ken Susi to produce the album. Susi feels that The Contortionist has something fresh and unique to bring to the table. "The Contortionist is not your typical, run of the mill band. Lots of bands in this day and age are copy-cats or just plain old rip-offs of other bands. This is truly an original band; from the overall look, sound, and structure of the songs." "Fans will hear the same songs live that they'll hear on the record. That's what we're going for on this release; a true sound," added Baca. He also had a few words to share about Ken Susi's involvement in the recording process. "Ken has a lot of really awesome gear. It's like Guitar Center in here... only better. It's an understatement to say that Ken is a perfectionist. He never settles for anything less than massive and spot-on. I really feel like he is on the same page as us, which will make this record the best it can be." The Contortionist recently announced their signing with Good Fight Music. The Contortionist has worked hard to earn a loyal hometown following through consistent regional shows, coastal touring and two self-released EPs. Their ability to dole out their sounds to epic proportions in a live setting peaked the interest of Good Fight Music, so in early 2010, shortly after the staff had caught them live, a deal had become imminent. The Contortionist will soon announce tours all across the U.S. leading up to and surrounding the release.

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