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Fall Silent has $2000 stolen at recent show

Thursday, May 2, 2002 9:08 PM PT

On May 1st, Fall Silent played a show in Reno, Nevada at The Zephyr Bar. During the band's set, approximately $2000 was stolen from their merchandies table. Here's what band vocalist Levi Watson has to say about the theft:

"I know there are people who know who did it, and if I saw that much money I would be tempted too, but that does not condone such an act. I feel that we have enough friends and supporters of our band in Reno that we can find out who did it and hopefully get the money back that was stolen from us. Things like this should not happen at punk rock shows especially in our own hometown and we all need to work together to find the thief and bring that person, or persons, to some sort of justice."

The band is offering a "sizeable" reward to anyone who can find the person responsible for this, so if you have any information, be a model citizen and contact the band here.

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