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The Postman Syndrome to release 'lost' demos

Official press release: On May 22nd, East Of The Wall will be independently releasing the demos for what would have been The Postman Syndrome's second album. The band - of which four out of five members went on to East Of The Wall - released their debut LP Terraforming, on Now Or Never Records in 2002. A second album was planned but never recorded due to the label shutting down in 2004. All of the material that would comprise the record was demoed in the band's rehearsal space, but without funding none of it was ever professionally recorded. After a few lineup changes The Postman Syndrome eventually surfaced as East Of The Wall, released a full-length, Farmer's Almanac, via Forgotten Empire Records, and recently announced their sophomore album Ressentiment, which will be released this July via Translation Loss. Yet the band always regretted constant limbo of the final Postman Syndrome material. Now, five years after the intended release date, The Postman Syndrome's demos have been reworked, remixed, and will finally be pressed to disc. Titled God Relieve Our Grief: A Mausoleum Of Stillborn Demos, it comprises ten songs recorded in various sessions between 2003 - 2005. The tentative tracklist is as follows. 01. "Gut" 02. "Heads Below Or Tails" 03. "Water Signs" 04. "The Order Of Levin" (new drums, remix) 05. "Be Fruitless and Vanish" (new drums, remix) 06. "Sent" (aka untitled song #3) 07. "Pedovile" (remix) 08. "Beards Mahoney" (remix) 09. "It's A Burden, I Know" (new drums, guitars, vocals, remix) 10. "The Consequence Of Cowardice" (new recording, new guest vocals by members of Fake Gimms) Since East Of The Wall is releasing the disc independently they're asking for fan support in the form of preorders to cover the cost of the pressing. Each preorder comes with a bonus disc, a bonus DVD, a shirt, and more. Preorders are being taken now here.

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