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Ex-Periphery vocalist joins Haunted Shores

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 5:56 PM PT / 5,148 views
Former Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto has now officially joined Washington D.C. band Haunted Shores. Here's a statement from the group: "I'm most delighted to announce our new singer Chris Barretto. He'll be handling vocal & writing duties for Haunted Shores from here on out, and I could not be happier to welcome such a unique talent and good friend. We've gone through many changes the past year or so but I honestly think the music has subsequently improved, and I'm confident the addition of Chris will push things to a new level (of confidence?). The song we've posted, a rough mix of 'When in Oslo' is only the first of many to come, and we'll be spending the next couple months recording the rest of the full-length in DC and NYC, aiming tentatively for a summer release. And yes, the music will be in a similar vein to what we've been posting lately. Additionally, having Chris onboard will further perpetuate my dream of being in a band whose collective racial background resembles that of a Benetton ad. We hope you enjoy the new material as we'll be posting a ton more in the very near future, and they will most definitely be final mixes. Promise! Per usual, PM me if you'd like Chris' home address, pager number and/or SSN." A song featuring Barretto on vocals can be heard here.

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