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Thorp Records signs Ashers

Official press release: Boston's Ashers are a rare band. Ashers, fronted by Mark Civitarese of The Unseen (Hellcat Records) on vocals, is Boston's new diamond in the rough. Mark's versatility of working in The Unseen, as well as experience lending his vocals to tracks on albums by bands such as A Global Threat, Blood For Blood, and Death Before Dishonor, has made his voice one of the most distinct in the punk and hardcore worlds today. Ashers became a band as a result of the chemistry discovered between Mark and Billy Brown of Crash And Burn (Thorp Recs) and Deadly Sins, two bands that became synonymous with the creativity of the Boston scene. Mark and Bill constantly found themselves contributing to each other's projects and finally decided to begin a proper full time band together. Ashers scorches listeners with a vortex of blistering hardcore, dirty rock, anthemic punk, and barroom metal that creates a new flavor altogether for fans of aggressive music. Now joining with Thorp Records, the band has just begun their onward march towards introducing the world to a new sense of aggression. Expect the Thorp Records debut from Ashers early summer 2010. Thorp Records founder, Andy King, explained his thoughts on Ashers: "I've known Mark as kind of an over-the-phone friend since 2005. We used to chat all the time just about music and Boston bands in general. We always talked about trying to find a way to work together with The Unseen, but it just never materialized. When he let me hear what he was doing with Ashers, I was blown away by the guttural ferocity of the music and the uniqueness of the sound and the aesthetic approach. Knowing that Bill Brown was involved served to brand the sound as even more distinct and noteworthy."

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