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Dr. Acula loses three members

A few weeks ago we received word that Long Island, New York band Dr. Acula had parted ways with all but one original member. We couldn't verify the information, so we didn't post anything. Fast forward three weeks and we've gotten the following from someone purporting to be Dr. Acula ex-guitarist Lou: "Pete (vocals) Rob (bass) and I (guitar) have left Dr. Acula. The only original remaining member is Bill. To make a long story short, we recorded our second record for Uprising [Records] over a year ago and it is still not been released. Management/Uprising and the other members refuse to take our names off the Myspace in case it affects the new records sales. Clearly as the video shows, we are not in the band and not currently touring with the band. "Thanks for all the support and be sure to check out the Dr. Acula cover band playing the record we wrote/recorded on tour!" Update: The remaining members of Dr. Acula have sent us the following statement: To follow up on the latest news about Dr. Acula and the line-up change. Yes, Bill is the only member that is left from the line 05 line-up. Here's the real deal. "Pete left the band because he realized that the band was no longer for him. We still talk to Pete everyday. He's a good friend of ours and we love him to death. On the other hand, Rob and Lou left the band on the gram slam tour in September. The pressure of things going wrong on tour finally got too them, (breaking down), our label got to them (pushing our recored back), (delaying our UK tour). Shit happens deal with it. Their excuse was they been doing it for so long and nothing has gone right why invest anymore time. They thought the band was going to be done with. They wanted to sell the van and call our manager to tell him it's over. "Little did they know that when Tyler, Bill, Drew, and Joey got back home they worked hard to gather a new line-up that would last. (Tyler, Bill, Drew, Joey are on the recording of the new album set to be released in January). As of now, the band has never been so happy. Things are running smooth. Communication (everyone has a voice and input), financially (money spent on things needed and not useless things). Our management is very happy with us and big big things are in the works. "This band has never ran so smooth and it's bigger than it's ever been, and it's only gunna get bigger. Also please note: the reason why we have not updated our Myspace with new line-up changes and pictures is not because it will affect sales. To be honest, no one even really realizes Rob, Lou, and Pete are gone. Only a hand full of people have asked, and we explained what happened. We are waiting for a new layout. As soon as the new layout is up, then we will change everything. "So with all this said, we here in the Dr. Acula camp say this: To our ex-members or people pretending to be ex-members that are running their mouth for reasons unknown, stop. It wont affect us. This was their choice. It's been made. They moved on. We moved on. We are here to stay. "Now on to some good news. The new album is due out in January. We have a big tour with ABACABB in Jan./Feb. and more tour announcements will be made soon after."

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