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The Mistake to release new album in January

Official press release: Hellfish is fucking excited to add The Mistake to the family! The Mistake was formed, well, maybe in 2001? 2002? The details are hazy. Basically it was a chance to piss people off, and it worked. With a revolving cast of members over the years, the current incarnation features former and current members of Throwdown, Eighteen Visions, Enewetak, Welcome To Your Life, Amendment 18, Culture, Until the End, Monument To Thieves, and Adamantium. The Mistake melts the short, fast, pissed hardcore and punk with the signature Orange County metallic hardcore of the late 90's early 2000's. With a 7" and a split with Carry the Casket out, and handful of lost recordings. They are heading into the studio this November to record a new LP, "Fuck What You Heard." The record promises to be an all out attack on the state of modern music, modern hardcore, and the anger and frustration of trying to find your place in the world. We will be streaming their songs from their last recording "Just Past Gay Street" up on the site soon. For fans of frustration, anger, despair and hardcore. Look for the full-length in early-2010.

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