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The Ocean announces new singer

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 9:17 AM PT

Germany's The Ocean has found a replacement for vocalist Mike Pilat, who left the group this past spring. Here's the official word from guitarist Robin Staps:

"We are happy to announce Mr. Loïc Rossetti as tour new vocalist. We are looking forward to weeks and months of intense touring in the future and a new era in the story of our lives! Having Loïc in the band enables me to do what I've always been wanting to do with this band. His voice is strong and expressive and his variety of tone and the ease with which he switches between different vocal styles really amazing. There are no limits anymore. His screams are devastating, but his most valuable quality is his singing voice, which we will employ much more on the upcoming album."

For his part, Rossetti says, "Being part of The Ocean is a great honour for me. I can utilize the full range of my voice, and the band is pushing me to do so; it's a great challenge."

Meanwhile, the band continues work on two albums, which are due out in March and September of 2010, respectively.

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