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Absu replaces guitarist

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 9:43 PM PT

Official press release:

Texas-based mythological occult metal outfit Absu have announced the addition of session lead guitarist Vis Crom (pronounced "Vish Krahm") to the group's ranks. He replaces Zawicizuz, who was recently dismissed due to irreconcilable differences. Says drummer/vocalist Proscriptor of the replacement, "We are extremely thrilled to welcome Vis Crom as the newest touring musician of Absu. He has proven to be a conquering performer and we're delighted to convey our next live chapters of mythological occult metal with him."

"I felt it was time to re-evaluate the path of the band in a live aspect," he continues. "Absu's expanding growth, metaphysically and musically speaking, will embark on a journey like nothing we have ever experienced before. One of the main objectives is to never create the same album twice, so one can expect a revolving lineup. Working with Zawicizuz for the past two years has been a prosperous experience and I have the utmost respect for him as my comrade and a superlative musician. I wish him good fortune and success in the future."

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