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Deathwish Inc. signs Starkweather

Official press release: Deathwish Inc. has added seminal Philadelphia outfit Starkweather to their roster. According to the label, "We are proud to announce that Deathwish Inc. is now the label home to Philadelphia's legendary Starkweather. Arguably one of the most important and influential bands in heavy music, we are truly honored to be working with Starkweather on a variety of upcoming releases." Meanwhile, the band has provided the following details: "It's been a long four years since our last release. In that time we've been to Europe, played some spectacular and not so spectacular shows in the States, and have written over two albums worth of new material in the bunker. After fulfilling a contractual obligation, we're finally ready to announce that we've signed with Jacob Bannon's Deathwish Inc. With a nearly two decade relationship, this union seemed like the next logical step for the sometimes difficult and idiosyncratic guys in Starkweather. Having known us for as long as he has, Jake is well aware of how obstinate, eccentric, and protective we are of what we do. "Our first release on Deathwish will be a split release with the colossal Overmars from France. Our contributions to the album are 'Armed Memory,' a seven and a half minute long jagged and aggressive song in the vein of 'Machine Rhythm Confessional' from Croatoan and the second song 'Nightmare Factory,' a Black Sabbath by way of Fear Of God meeting Ved Buens Ende dirge that courses nearly 14 minutes. 'Nightmare' was planned to appear on Croatoan but the version we recorded was subpar and thusly shelved. Both songs for the split were recorded October 11-13 at DeadVerse Studio in Union City, New Jersey under the unflinching eye of Alap Momin. Both songs are dense, claustrophobic, and evoke the paranoia that fueled their writing; containing layer upon layer of guitar, vocals that ebb and flow with the twisting rhythmic passages, and the near telekinetic foundation of the Rosa brothers backline. As a nerdy side note, there was no click track, no beat detective, and no vocal tuning; the drum tracks are one continuous take with us playing together in the live room. A release date and other specifics will be announced soon. "Our next release on Deathwish, This Sheltering Night, was actually recorded before the split with Overmars at various sessions throughout 2007-2008 at DeadVerse Studios. This is six Starkweather songs ('Bustuari,' 'Epiphany,' 'All Creatures Damned And Divine,' 'Broken From Inside,' 'Martyring,' and 'One Among Vermin') and features soundscape interludes created by artist and musician Elizabeth Jacobs, under her guise as Sophia Perennis, and Oktopus from Dalek. The entire album can be played as one continuous 73:41 piece or as separate tracks. A release date and other specifics will also be announced soon. In the pipeline: Split CD with Singapore's Little Girl Terrorist (featuring the 30+ minute long Drug Holiday) that will be available on Swarm of Nails Records. (Artwork for the Little Girl Terrorist split will be provided by Alex Eckman-Lawn); A split CD with Cali grindcore mavens thousandswilldie that will showcase a slightly different dimension in sound. Featuring a song that carries a spacious Pink Floyd aesthetic crossing angular dissonances of Deathspell Omega and Ved Buens Endes/Virus. This clocks in at about 15 minutes. Both songs will be recorded at DeadVerse Studio in October; Another full length that we have 3 full songs written for and an overwhelming amount of other material to pull from."


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virus_dot_exe 8/28/2009 1:57:17 PM

FIRST JHOhJJhoijfdsoijdsgoijdsksdfdfsdsffds.

ed_money 8/28/2009 2:24:57 PM

Very deserving. Congrats to Starkweather.

mR_hands 8/28/2009 2:24:58 PM

Bout time they stopped pssyfooting around and blew each other.

meanmuggin 8/28/2009 2:25:16 PM

Best news all day.

truthsayer 8/28/2009 2:31:57 PM


m_kwd 8/28/2009 2:38:04 PM

holy crap! really? i thought they were dead!! where the hell is that discography of the early years, dammit!!

cracklingvoice 8/28/2009 2:45:27 PM

very refreshing to hear for hard working dudes. uber-congrats!

Godfatherofsoul 8/28/2009 3:00:57 PM

There is absolutely no way that that turd from killwhitneydead genuinely likes this band.

Dyami_LIAV 8/28/2009 3:10:52 PM

Amazing band! BACKED HARD! *awaits new material furiously*

obscure 8/28/2009 3:46:49 PM

2nd amazing

breakdatback 8/28/2009 4:09:32 PM

lol godfather

picturesofme 8/28/2009 5:26:40 PM

FANTASTIC news. glad to see so much new stuff in the pipeline, too. awesome awesome awesome!

Drifter 8/28/2009 5:45:30 PM

good band, but was it absolutely necessary to give four sentences of description for each and every song they have written over the past 4 years?

m00k 8/28/2009 7:33:49 PM

Love Starkweather. However they won't get the attention they deserved on DWI. They need to put out that new album already.

kenwregget 8/28/2009 10:52:16 PM

Talk shit, get hit.

murder_maker 8/29/2009 8:39:09 AM

WOW !!! :O

cultclassic 8/29/2009 9:08:03 AM

real good bad. glad to hear this.

Onmyownterms 8/29/2009 9:14:40 AM

Awesome band! Some more shows in Europe, please

bensy 8/29/2009 9:37:54 AM

Best news post in years. I've heard some of these tracks unmastered a while back and they were god-fcking amazing.

the_smile_that_kills 8/29/2009 9:53:10 AM

this is rad, we waited forever for Croatoan, and now another long 4 years.....but with so much stuff planned, it was worth it.

m_kwd 8/29/2009 11:07:00 AM

Godfatherofsoul - you are right there is no way i have any taste in music having been in the hardcore scene for 22 years of my life. i forgot this is your little "elite" club. real people actually involved with music aren't allowed. haha.

Godfatherofsoul 8/29/2009 3:18:59 PM

lol dude, you're in killwhitneydead, opinion VOID.

emoxfag 8/29/2009 3:21:01 PM

hey converge, is this like paying royalties to the band that you've jocked for years? sign Rorschach next.

m_kwd 8/29/2009 6:36:01 PM

Godfatherofsoul - hahaha, who are you? you at least know who i am, and that is funny stuff. you are no one as you will always remain. hahaha.

Godfatherofsoul 8/29/2009 7:28:37 PM

Well i'm definitely not the frontman of a shitty band called killwhitneydead.

dreudamn 8/30/2009 1:40:28 AM

Defined by what yer not, impressive.

m_kwd 8/30/2009 2:42:19 PM

Godfatherofsoul - haha, again a wicked retort from a goater poster. hahaha, is that all you got? you left out i got fat (again), my record label sucks and a van flip. good try though.

Godfatherofsoul 8/30/2009 7:34:19 PM

lol you have a record label?

fkscenes1021 8/30/2009 11:33:14 PM

This band makes the sun shine brighter. Thank goodness they're nonstop.

twadorno 8/31/2009 6:56:15 AM

lol at members of killwhitneydead thinking they have a say on anything. stick to star jumps and synchronised guitar swings you awful twat.

hardware 8/31/2009 9:07:55 AM

I gotta pick up some Plutonium so I can travel back to 1992 where I may possibly give a shit.

Godfatherofsoul 8/31/2009 11:27:08 AM

hardware... you're thirty two years of age, just dig yourself a grave already.

Omegaman 8/31/2009 12:34:38 PM

HEY! I'M 33!!!! I loves me some Starkweather, and Rennie is the coolest, but yeah, TLNR. SEXCITED!

m_kwd 8/31/2009 1:31:13 PM

the funny thing is that you guys think i care about your opinions. hahaha, and yes i own tribunal records. been going for 10 years now, chief. hahaha. releasing all the stuff you guys hate.

m_kwd 8/31/2009 1:31:41 PM

oh wait, i think you guys like CENTURY around here. haha. hi carson!

mr_peanut_says 8/31/2009 4:40:17 PM

hahaha. gay. hahaha.

m_kwd 9/1/2009 12:01:24 AM

you are indeed.

dot357 9/1/2009 10:41:24 AM

Extremely stoked on this! New Gaza and Starkweather material in the near future = absolute mayhem

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