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Vision Of Disorder update

Thursday, August 31, 2000 9:09 AM PT

Vision Of Disorder is reportedly doing some demos with Machine. Machine is a producer in Weehawken NJ, and he has previously worked on Pitchshifter and Step Kings records. The band will probably use the demo material to help get another label deal.

On a side note, WGFR.org did an interview with Beck from Glassjaw recently, and after providing the info on V.O.D.'s work with Machine, Beck went on to say the following about V.O.D. - "I wish that VOD broke big when they were at their peak. VOD is so responsible for why we're here. When we were younger, we used to wonder how they constructed songs, how they did things. They were like our older brothers, very impressionable. A lot of hardcore bands were always alright, but going to VOD shows was the sickest thing. It was like the classroom, Hardcore 101. It's a shame they're not huge right now. I hope the best for them. They're responsible for us getting signed."

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