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As The Sun Sets to release one final record

Thursday, March 28, 2002 8:32 AM PT

As we told you last week, As The Sun Sets has called it quits. However, before they fade away for good, the band will be releasing one final recording. The record will be an EP entitled "8949," and it will be released by Trash Art!. Look for five tracks, the last five songs ever written by the band, in addition to some other material. According to the label, it will be "more grind, more insane, and more progressive than the material on '7744'." No release date has been set, as they will be remixing the material in an effort to improve upon the "lackluster" mixing job of "7744." The effort will go to press as soon as the audio is finished, but they're currently having difficulty scheduling an appointment at an unnamed studio, due to it's tight availability. We'll keep you posted.

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