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Left To Vanish, drummer bitterly part ways

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 4:26 PM PT

Philadelphia, PA hardcore/metal band Left To Vanish (Lifeforce Records) and Paul Meredith have gone their separate ways in somewhat of a nasty split. The group is currently seeking a replacement and had the following to say:

"We have parted ways with drummer Paul Meredith. It has been a long time coming and enough was enough. Hiss attitude towards the other members was untolerable and unacceptable. On our recent tour we came to the conclusion things were getting worse then went downhill after we discovered we have been missing money. Once we confronted him about the situation he threw a temper tantrum and refused to play the remaining dates on the tour. Once we got home he changed all of our passwords to our Facebook, email and currently has $2,000 worth of our albums that he refuses to give back. This is the kind of immaturity and unprofessional behavior we were sick of dealing with. He also took the van and trailer which we all threw up money. Bottom line, we cut our losses."

Meanwhile, Meredith has provided Lambgoat with his own account of the situation:

"We left and came home early last night with two days of tour left. I decided to leave LTV because the lack of respect and effort set forth by the other four members. I put my all in to LTV, 100% of the time, all the time; the same was just not done by the others. A lack of responsibility and maturity are two of the main reasons why I made this decision to leave. In the last year the band has went on a downfall and absolutely no booking agents want to work with LTV so we were forced to go back to booking crappy unreliable tours like we used to do four years ago. Last night before I quit we played the 3rd bullshit show in a row to a crowd of no more then 15 kids and we got payed a lousy $25. That left the band with a grand total of $52 in the bank in then which the other four wanted to take that and spend it on a hotel room for the huge rockstars they think they are! I did not agree with this idea at all considering that today's shows was also not a guaranteed payout, which would leave us stuck to pull money out of 'my' pockets, like always! This in turn fused the immaturity fest and led to this result.

"Sure the LTV Myspace looks like it gets a lot of hits, but that is only because I purchased an MP3 increaser because of the sole fact that no one was listening to our songs. I also purchased a friendblaster and for those who dont know what that is, it automatically adds shit loads of people at a time. Yes LTV cheated on that too. The MP3 increaser basically allows you to send as many plays as you want to the Myspace player. So if you think there was an LTV 'hype,' there never was. Three words - 'NO CARE EVER' - is what kids really feel about LTV. No more than three kids came out to any of our shows to actually see LTV at any of the shows. No one cares and I truly know that and I'm sure a lot of you do too."

Update: Meredith has now followed up with this:

"I would just like to say that I enjoyed the time that I had with LTV and I am sorry for the way things went down. Everything that went down in the last week was in a very unprofessional matter and should have never went down that way. I thought about quiting LTV for a while now and things should have not went down the way they did. I'd like to say sorry to the rest of the band for not being mature about things. I believe the immaturity came from both ends but I just wanted to be a man and come out to say I'm sorry for acting the way I did about everything. I wish LTV nothing but the best. This was just my time to move on. Thank you to everyone who came out to shows to see us over the last 4 years. I appreciate every one of you! If you are a tight drummer who is interested in touring go to the LTV page to read the qualifications for the job. Once again thanks for all the good times and please continue to kill it!"

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