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Caliban set to release new album

Thursday, July 2, 2009 4:33 PM PT / 4,968 views

Official press release: Germany's heaviest export, Caliban, is gearing up to release their eighth full-length album, titled "Say Hello To Tragedy," on August 25th via Century Media Records. Produced by Benny Richter, co-produced by guitarist Marc Goertz and mixed by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, "Say Hello to Tragedy" marks some of Caliban's most accomplished and mature work to date. This album impressively unites an aggressive, ferocious metal punch with emotive melodies and choruses that Caliban has come to be known for. Throughout the course of "Say Hello to Tragedy," you'll find equal parts vicious thrashing, blasting beats, and crushing breakdowns as well as both rough and clean vocals resulting in a record rich in contrast and diversity. Songs like the murderous opener "24 Years," "Caliban's Revenge" or "No One Is Safe" prove that Caliban has developed into an unrivalled modern metal beast captivating the listener with raging heaviness and catchy melodies. The concept of Say Hello to Tragedy comes from questioning why tragedies happen nowadays that could have been prevented. Guitarist Marc Goertz commented, "If people would just open their eyes and at least care a bit about their neighbours, relatives and the world in general, a lot of this adversity could be avoided. Some of our new songs are entirely fictional, whereas other ones refer to real life dramas like the Fritzl case." Formed in 1997, Caliban is one of the few German bands who managed to build up an international status in recent years. In North America they've toured with labelmates God Forbid, The Red Chord, I Killed The Prom Queen and many more and also stopped at North American Festivals such as Hellfest (Syracuse) and New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. Caliban has also toured Japan with Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, played the Beast Feast as well as visited Indonesia, Malaysia and last, but not least Australia as part of the Gigantour with Megadeth, Soulfly and Arch Enemy. Apart from several headline runs, they were also part of numerous European tours with bands such as In Flames and Devil Driver, Machine Head and Kreator. Caliban has also appeared on countless European festivals such as With Full Force Festival (D), Graspop Metal Meeting (B), Summerbreeze (D), Rock am Ring/Rock im Park (D), Wacken Open Air (D) as well as the prestigious Nova Rock (A) and Download Festival (UK). Recently, the band supported Machine Head and their acquaintances Killswitch Engage on selected shows. To showcase news songs off of "Say Hello To Tragedy," Caliban will play at several festivals this summer and are confirmed to headline the Beastfest European tour 2009 with Century Media labelmates Suicide Silence and Maroon as well as Emmure and After The Burial in October/November 2009. The band also has plans to head over to North America again in Septmeber/October – stay tuned for details. Caliban "Say Hello To Tragedy" track listing: 01. 24 Years (3:47) 02. Love Song (3:27) 03. Caliban's Revenge (3:59) 04. End This Sickness (4:16) 05. Walk Like The Dead (4:15) 06. No One Is Safe (3:41) 07. Liar (4:39) 08. The Denegation Of Humanity (4:05) 09. Unleash Your Voice (3:35) 10. All I Gave (5:24) 11. In The Name Of Progression (4:46) 12. Coma (3:47)


withoutashield 7/2/2009 4:39:08 PM


youeatdickbeats_7 7/2/2009 4:41:22 PM

first something stupid

stooooopid 7/2/2009 4:50:53 PM

Way to name drop every band you've toured with. Old Caliban>new Caliban

dimmu_faggor 7/2/2009 4:56:00 PM

gay as i lay dying worship band

ChesterTheMolester 7/2/2009 5:03:03 PM

did that need to be that long? Comon now

Flamboyant_Cowboy 7/2/2009 5:08:19 PM

This band will never die.

theanyday 7/2/2009 5:10:20 PM

I don't care what you gays say, this band is really good.

meanmuggin 7/2/2009 5:10:58 PM

Lol @ being Germanys heaviest export

kefka 7/2/2009 5:18:10 PM

no good since shadow hearts.

Greggles1 7/2/2009 5:19:16 PM

Wait a second..is Emmure even a BAND anymore :) ?!?!?!

coffinworlds 7/2/2009 5:24:48 PM

terrible, awful band.

coffinworlds 7/2/2009 5:25:20 PM

also, 03. Caliban's Revenge (3:59) 04. End This Sickness (4:16)

Binghamtonsfinest 7/2/2009 5:27:10 PM

"Crushing breakdowns, blasting beats, metal punch" I could name 3,900 other bands that have had that same description. And being called "modern metal" hahHa just fcking shoot yourselfs please. No vent,no care ever.

hunt_fish_with_dynamite 7/2/2009 5:40:07 PM

band is shit.

thevenaedge 7/2/2009 5:51:26 PM

remember when this band was heavy?

xThizzelle_Washingtonx 7/2/2009 6:19:47 PM

Heaven Shall Burn needs to comeback to the US instead of this lame guyliner wearing band

xnotsoedgex 7/2/2009 6:36:00 PM

gay shit ensues...

xnotsoedgex 7/2/2009 6:37:32 PM

...and yeah, that is a whole lot of name-dropping...

SeveredInTwo 7/2/2009 9:10:36 PM

old Caliban seriously.

YouGotScanned 7/2/2009 11:32:10 PM

"Vent" used to blow my mind, but i can't believe this band is still alive. fcking ridiculous

deadbeforeistray 7/3/2009 2:02:36 AM

fck the haters, very excited for the new album.

GraZmus 7/3/2009 2:34:09 AM

What is up with people on this site?? Caliban is one of the most brutal Metalcore acts around... Cant wait for the new album

bensy 7/3/2009 10:17:34 AM

This band used to be rad, then they turned into a killswitch clone/as i lay dying rip. :/

ItStinks 7/3/2009 3:22:10 PM

Germany's heaviest export, Caliban - can we get a fact-checker?

twadorno 7/3/2009 7:10:07 PM

the taliban>

iwanttobangmyexoncemore 7/5/2009 8:39:34 AM

The vocalist has the worst highs in Metalcore but the fat guy on bass has pipes.

emmure_vocalist 7/5/2009 12:49:32 PM

Germany's heaviest export? bahahaha

tiredofbeingtired 8/13/2009 7:07:46 PM

caliban rules, eat shit

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