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Bridge Nine announces new compilation

Official press release: Bridge Nine Records is excited to announce the release of their Summer 2009 Compilation, featuring eight new and never-before-heard tracks as well as music from almost every active band on the B9 roster. Additionally, a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies of the summer exclusive tracks will be made available on the B9store on 45rm LP format for only $9. The amazing track list can be found below, and all new songs will be streaming at beginning Friday, June 26th. Why a physical CD compilation? Bridge Nine owner Chris Wrenn stated, "The compilation with exclusive songs seems to have been lost to the internet. And with the popularity of the CD dwindling, it's much easier to lean towards digital samplers. But we kept having people reference the 11-song comp we put out in 2006 and we decided it was time to put out something that was tangible this year that had rare and unreleased songs from new record we're doing with Strike Anywhere, Polar Bear Club, Death Before Dishonor, Ruiner, Dead Swans Soul Control, Crime In Stereo and Have Heart along with a Paint It Black song only available on 7" or iTunes. And all of the songs are incredible." Aside from putting out one of the most kick-ass compilations this year, Bridge Nine Records is touring throughout the entire summer with the infamous Warped Tour. B9 will be setting up shop every day of the tour to bring shirts, CD's and other merch to music fans across North America. Every morning, check out Bridge Nine's Twitter page to find out where their booth is located, as well as the witticisms of the surly booth guy Chris Hayslett at The Bridge Nine Summer 2009 Compilation will be up for sale (or free with purchase) at Warped Tour or at for $3 beginning this Friday. 01. "Hand of Glory" - Strike Anywhere (from Iron Front out October 6) 02. "Better Ways To Die" - Death Before Dishonor (from Better Ways To Die out July 28) 03. "Living Saints" - Polar Bear Club (from Chasing Hamburg out September 8) 04. "Two Words" - Ruiner (from Hell Is Empty out September 18) 05. "Thinking Of You" - Dead Swans (from Sleepwalkers out August 11) 06. "Beyond Words" - Soul Control (from Cycles out August 25) 07. "war" - Crime In Stereo (from LP title TBA release date TBA) 08. "Salem" - Paint It Black (from Amnesia EP, 7"/Digital only EP) 09. "Lions and Lambs" - Have Heart (previously unreleased-From Songs To Scream At The Sun sessions) 10. "Sunday" - H2O* 11. "Wisdom/Pain" - Cruel Hand* 12. "A Blight On Mental Health" - Ceremony* 13. "The City By Dawn" - Defeater * 14. "400" - Energy* * CD only


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mooska 6/24/2009 9:14:05 PM

1st post gayed

chicken_gang_bang 6/24/2009 9:32:45 PM


I_am_jean 6/24/2009 9:39:07 PM

Not buying it

ThaJuices27 6/24/2009 11:21:13 PM

Not another Ceremony track that will be released and featured 5 times.

lolacaust 6/25/2009 5:42:57 AM

That sucks Verse isn't on this one. Oh wait yeah.... HEY have heart isn't on there eith.... oh oh yeah.

lolacaust 6/25/2009 5:44:29 AM

Oh wait HH is on there... God I'm an idiot

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