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Prosthetic announces Landmine Marathon reissue

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 9:40 PM PT

Official press release:

"Rusted Eyes Awake," the critically acclaimed 2008 release by the Phoenix death/grind quintet Landmine Marathon, will be reissued by Prosthetic on August 18th.

Originally issued by Level Plane Records -- the label that also released the group's 2006 debut "Wounded," and a 2007 split CD/LP with Scarecrow -- "Rusted Eyes Awake" won praise from the likes of Revolver, who called the album "a gnarling and gnashing blood-caked throwback to 1990, when Napalm Death couldn't decide if they were going to be grindcore or death metal," and Lambgoat, which praised the band's "pure urgency and grit," calling the release a blend of "the ferociously thick riffs of Bolt Thrower's death metal (and) Napalm Death's blistering grind mentality."

Landmine Marathon, who in recent weeks have performed at both the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and the L.A. Murderfest, was founded in 2004 by bassist Matt Martinez, drummer Mike Pohlmeier and vocalist Grace Perry, the latter of whom periodically blogs for Revolver's website. Guitarist Ryan Butler joined in 2006; two years later, guitarist Dylan Thomas joined the fold.

Landmine Marathon has toured extensively and played locally alongside numerous national acts. The band will continue to tour periodically throughout the year while writing their Prosthetic debut, which they will begin recording this month.

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