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Bane drops off Hatebreed tour, perhaps more

Monday, March 18, 2002 10:24 AM PT

Anyone who read our news posted yesterday is under the impression that Bane has not dropped of the Hatebreed tour. There were rumors floating around that they had. Here's an update: the band has now indeed dropped off the Hatebreed tour, and potentially their stint on the Poison The Well tour as well. However, this is due to the tragic death of a Steve Neale (of Ink Cartridge Funeral), not the theft of musical equipment, as the rumors had been claiming. Although Bane's van did get broken into, only personal items were taken, not musical gear or equipment. As of a few days ago, Bane still intended to honor their tour dates. However, now that a close friend of theirs has passed away, they felt it appropriate to return home and support their friends and family. They apologize to everyone and hope to return to the road again soon.

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