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Thorp Records returns, signs six bands

After a few years of inactivity, Thorp Records is now back in action and has announced the addition of six new bands to their roster. New signings include: 1. Philadelphia/New Jersey hardcore upstarts, My Turn To Win 2. The urban choir that is Albany, NY's hardcore/punk hooligans, Bulldog Courage 3. Champions of energetic, fast-pace melodic hardcore, the female-fronted Portugese powerhouse known as Reaching Hand 4. Obstinate, hard-nosed Irish hardcore underdogs, 20 Bulls Each 5. Boston's new hope for old sounds, and torchbearers of hardcore/punk the way your father knew it, Refuse Resist 6. NY's masters of office life comedy and stapler-stealing tomfoolery, Powerpoint New releases from all of the bands are expected to surface sometime between fall 2009 and early-winter 2010. For now, you can find additional information about all the groups here.

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