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Nuclear Blast Records signs Textures

Nuclear Blast Records has officially signed Dutch metal/progressive band Textures. Jaap Wagemaker, A&R Nuclear Blast, comments: "After winning the 'Igor Award' as unsigned band at Aardschok magazine's 'Metal Bash,' the band got signed to Listenable Records, who re-released their critically-acclaimed debut 'Polars.' With their follow-up albums 'Drawing Circles' and 'Silhouettes,' Textures proved their musical status even more and became one of the most exciting new bands in (extreme) metal! Diversity and complexity are important elements of the unique Textures sound, building bridges between epic, polyrhythmic grooves and contrasting melodies.Textures create their own style and establish their own interpretation of progressive, heavy modern metal!" According to the band, "We have been expressing our musical concepts for three albums now, played a truckload of cool shows and created a solid fanbase. Now it's time for us to take it to a higher level and expand our territory. Nuclear Blast gives us that opportunity. We are very excited about it!" Their Nuclear Blast debut is expected to hit streets next year. For now, you can check them out online here.

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