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Have Heart breaking up

Thursday, May 14, 2009 8:40 AM PT

In a surprise move, Boston hardcore band Have Heart will be breaking up following their upcoming "World Tour." Frontman Patrick Flynn has issued the following:

"Once the Fall rolls around, we can't really do this band the way we would prefer to anymore. Knowing this deadline of ours and having a whole world tour already booked, we'd like to take advantage of the chance to say goodbye to all the people we have met around the world over the years.

"So, please come check us out in the remaining months on our little trip around the globe. So far Asia has been a wonderful experience and we're very happy to have had the chance to meet so many kind people and look forward to the rest of Asia.

"We will be playing our last show on this year's National Edge Day on October 17th 2009 with a bunch of our friends bands and a sweet guest. It will be somewhere T accessible in the Boston area. It will also be a benefit for a women's shelter in New Bedford, MA, run by my kind mother.

"It's been a nice 7 years and we'd like to thank all the unique hardcore kids and bands we have encountered. And in the words of DFJ, thanks to all the shit talkers for all the material to get off on. But, really....we have met so many wonderful people who we'll just never forget.

"It's been so great. Take care and hope to see you over the next couple months."

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