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Tribunal Records to release Inferi album

Wed, May 13, 2009 9:24 PM PT3,270 views

Tennessee metal band Inferi has announced that Tribunal Records will be releasing the group's "The End Of An Era" album in June. Here's a statement from the band: "We've been in contact with [Tribunal] for a long while, and they've been nothing but super-awesome, helpful and encouraging to us throughout all of our trials and tribulations as a band... so we are extremely happy to be working with them finally. Not only that, but we are very impressed with the way the label is run in a very bro-friendly manner. They have plenty of kick-ass releases under their belt, and many of their bands have had many good things happen to them thanks to the Tribunal support. So your deepest and most utmost BR00TAL HAILZ should be extended towards them now and forever. "Inferi as a band is not dead. We've suffered through all the same bullshit any band goes through, we've also basked in quite a bit of glory for what we've accomplished... but the pressures of being forced to live up to the expectations of the metal bands of today, coupled with significant changes and experiences in our own personal lives has cast Inferi to the side for now. "'The End of an Era' is titled so because it means just that for each one of us individually and as a band. Even though the album is about the world being engulfed in flame and demons bringing the end of human civilization, it's not really like that for us. We've no intention to stop playing music with one another altogether, but like it or not we're all headed in different directions and need to pursue our own personal goals before we can hope to achieve a common one. "For now, you may keep track of any one of us very easily, and if you wish to seek us or our various projects out on popular social networking sites you are encouraged to do so. Before you know it the whole world will be tainted with the Inferi brand, as we will keep spreading our seed amongst everything we encounter until the end of time. "We thank all of you who ever came to any of our shows to see us, bought and/or wore our tshirts, and listened to our music. On some day, in some form, we will return." www.myspace.com/inferimetal

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