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Razormaze recording new album

Official press release: Razormaze, Boston's premier thrash metal outfit which has achieved cult status through its relentless touring and widely traded demos, is ready to unleash its debut full-length upon the masses and ravage a town near you. The band, who have been melting faces since late-2007, have quickly gained in popularity and as such were signed to Hold True Recordings in late-2008. Set for an early June release, tracking for "The True Speed of Steel" (originally slated to be called "Dawn of the Shred") is currently underway at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, MA, with engineer Devin Charette, and the album will be mastered by Nick Zampiello (Converge, Torche) at New Alliance Studios in Cambridge. If you're a fan of punk, speed, thrash, death, or good ol' classic heavy metal, Razormaze will easily shred their way into your heart. Drawing from such influences as Testament, Artillery, Razor, GBH, Megadeth, and Discharge, their intense and unrelenting ferocity will surely get your blood pumping and your heads banging. Track listing: Dawn of the Shred Annihilator Slaughterotica Desperado Bleed on Command Lobotomized Dipsomaniac Slave to the Maze

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