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Kayo Dot prepares new album

Boston's Kayo Dot is currently wrapping up the writing process for their next Hydra Head Records release. The album will be recorded this summer by Randall Dunn and will feature Toby Driver on bass guitar, Mia Matsumiya on violin and guitar, Terran Olson on keyboards, Dan means on saxophone, David Bodie on percussion, and guest Tim Byrnes (Tartar Lamb) on trumpet. In related news, work has been completed on a new fan-funded reunion record from Maudlin of the Well, the group from which Kayo Dot originally materialized. According to the band, "[The release features] almost all the old members of MOTW (Toby Driver, Terran Olson, Sam Gutterman, Greg Massi, Josh Seipp-Williams, Jason Byron) along with Kayo Dot members Mia Matsumiya and David Bodie. So it's like a combo record of the two bands!"

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