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Sworn Vengeance calls it quits

Sunday, March 03, 2002 9:09 PM PT

California hardcore band, Sworn Vengeance, has decided to break up. The announcement was made yesterday, and here's the official statement from the band:

"As of today, Sworn Vengeance has decided to end their run as a band. We're sure that all the rumors and gossip that frequently run through this scene will start flying, so we have decided to post this explanation to stop that.

For the past year, we have tried to keep the passion for this band alive. There was a time when all things involved were fun: going to shows, practicing, recording, playing venues, etc. Lately, we have noticed that, collectively and individually, our hearts are not in this anymore. Shows are not fun, practices are tedious, and recording is a headache. But the most important thing is the fact that playing live is a thing that we do not enjoy doing anymore. The energy and insanity we would put forth now feels like we're just going through the motions. That is not fair to us and especially not fair to any of you.

As a group, our bonds of friendship are strong. There is no internal band fighting or any animosity towards each other. We are all just very tired and no longer have the energy to put out the music we do, whether it be practice, writing, recording or shows.

We will not be playing the upcoming Hatebreed shows, although we really do appreciate Jamey asking us to play. Sorry to all who purchased tickets, as this was a bit unexpected. We have not made a decision on if we will play a last show, but if we do, we will let everyone know. We also have not decided if we will release our new CD. We will consider options at a later time.

We all have our plans and goals that we want to focus on, and now is the perfect time to do so. We are sure that you will see us in one form or another, as we all have future projects that we will embark on. Each band member wishes each other the best in what we do from this point on, and we all know that one can rely on the other for help if and when needed. We would also like to thank all past members for their contributions, and we wish them the best of success.

Most of all, we thank all our friends and family members for their support, love, and devotion, through good times and bad, for allowing us to have these great memories we possess of the time we spent in Sworn Vengeance."

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