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Behemoth issues studio update

Monday, March 16, 2009 4:11 PM PT

Official press release:

Behemoth is close to finishing tracking guitars for their next, yet-untitled album. This time Woytek and Slawek Wieslawscy from Studio Hertz are co-producing guitars.

"Works are in progress, everything is goin' just smooth. We get along real fine and I believe we found a killer tone for each guitar!" comments Woytek Wieslawski.

"It's been five days of recordings and we nailed 3 songs already. We lay down 3 rhythm guitars on each side, sometimes even more." Adds Woytek's brother, Slawek.

"We use Mesa Boogie Road King, Sommatone and Diezel Herbert. First two amps are used by Behemoth live so we are bringing some of this live vibe to the record too. Diezel is there just to spice up the overall sound..."

"This is the most relaxing and at the same time most creative studio session I've ever been a part of. These guys are very effective and they work incredibly fast! Both are very anal bout details so now my guitars for the first time ever don't sound sloppy haha. We found some fresh sounding guitar tones and mixed it up together... I'm using this new custom amp Sammatone that was built for me in US and it sounds just amazing! I'm a long time Mesa Boogie fan so I'm using Road King as a main sound. We mix it with Diezel Herbert. I'm sure there's some new quality made here!" comments Nergal.

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