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Decapitated looking for new members

Sunday, March 08, 2009 1:50 PM PT

Decapitated guitar player and sole remaining member Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka has expressed a desire to continue the band and is currently seeking new members. Vogg had the following to say:

"I was thinking about that for a long time and it’s really hard decision for me, but I have decided to continue this band and keep Decapitated alive. I know it will be not the same anymore but I want to try and I'm sure Witek and Covan will support me and will be happy about that.

"So I want to say that if anybody from drummers and vocalists feel that they can continue what Witek and Covan did and put all power, energy and live time for this band, contact me - decapitatedband@gmail.com

"Everyone who is interested, please prepare this tracks: "Day 69", "Post Organic", "Invisible Control", "Long Desired Dementia", and send it as audio/video format."

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