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Arsis drops off Carcass tour

Arsis has reportedly cancelled their participation in the upcoming Carcass tour, which kicks next week. Though the band has yet to make an official announcement, a statement issued yesterday and attributed to drummer Dave Kinkade reads as follows: "I regret to inform everyone that Arsis will not be on the Carcass tour scheduled to kick off in Philadelphia on the 13th of March. This is due to situations in Arsis that are out of my hands. "Due to the situation, I am available for session/ possible long-term drum work nationally and internationally. Those interested can contact me at: "On a positive note, the new Borknagar album is nearing the final completion stages. Having spoken with Øystein today, I am told that vocals and synths are well under way and we will all be meeting in Oslo at the end of April for the final mixing and mastering. So far, drums and guitars are finished and let me be the first to say that this album is going to be immense. By far the most brilliant material that Borknagar has ever written, this work is going to have all the “meat n’ potatoes” musically and production wise. I trust that all the fans will enjoy this effort."


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tednugent_is_sweet 3/7/2009 10:23:26 AM


DIEIHATEYOU 3/7/2009 10:25:59 AM

Yeah...awesome Arsis...way to cancel every tour you ever do.

scotty 3/7/2009 10:42:59 AM

thank god.

totalpandemonium 3/7/2009 10:44:42 AM

which kicks next week which kicks next week which kicks next week

panzram 3/7/2009 10:46:38 AM

By far the most brilliant material that Borknagar has ever written

reanimatingthewicked 3/7/2009 11:19:25 AM

huge penis and balls nutsack

MarginError 3/7/2009 12:08:58 PM

so this will be Arsis' 4th drummer in as many years or 5th?

fuckurshit 3/7/2009 12:24:27 PM

Maybe they should have kept that amazing drummer who played on the newest album.

xgabex 3/7/2009 12:52:31 PM

i'm stoked for the new Borknagar.

master_of_profits 3/7/2009 12:53:36 PM

jesus christ....i am never going to see this band live. i should have seen them like 5 times by now. either break up or start doing your fcking tours.

imacmil711 3/7/2009 1:22:21 PM

fck. I just spent $43 for the Chicago date of that tour. fck.

rochesterian 3/7/2009 1:49:44 PM

Arsis is boring live, you aren't missing anything. Great on cd, though.

conway 3/7/2009 2:09:05 PM

Wooot! Wooot!

rhizome 3/7/2009 2:28:38 PM

too much brutality. or drugs.

keepitwolfson 3/7/2009 2:37:33 PM

god damn it

cubs7379 3/7/2009 2:44:13 PM

was debating if i was going to go to this, i guess not anymore

destroyerofpoon 3/7/2009 2:57:52 PM

Why would you drop off on a high profile tour like this wtf even for arsis?

Municipalgayste 3/7/2009 3:02:21 PM

everytime I've been set to see these guys they have dropped off the tour or missed that specific date, so this really sucks, but I am excited to hear the new Borknagar just the same.

GOKILLYOURSELF 3/7/2009 3:22:26 PM

Celebration of Guilt is the only worth while thing they've put out.

vagisilcreem 3/7/2009 3:54:32 PM

GOKILLYOURSELF 3/7/2009 3:22:26 PM Celebration of Guilt is the only worth while thing they've put out. bingo

metal_bob 3/7/2009 5:20:54 PM

A Diamond For Disease or whatever was really good too

WakingTheCadaverSucks 3/7/2009 6:35:45 PM

Arsis dropped off a tour. In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

hatredoftheliving 3/7/2009 8:26:44 PM

This band can't keep it together for shit.

yougotscanned 3/7/2009 9:44:23 PM

ANTI COSMIC??? Why the **** would you want to consider yourself ANTI cosmic???

yougotscanned 3/7/2009 9:45:27 PM

Alice Cooper

nickzero 3/7/2009 10:54:43 PM

Arsis is great live and on cd. Bummer they have member problemos. drummer prolly too focused on his other endeavors?

sgd54 3/8/2009 12:11:19 AM

wtf? u guys have another new drummer? i thought ryan was the official new guy? he didn't want to be on abrb?!

eatenbacktolife 3/8/2009 12:45:33 AM

who fcking cares.

ascendeanevil 3/8/2009 3:06:09 AM

Emmure should fill in, amirite?

CRYPTIC_SLAUGHTER 3/8/2009 4:22:03 AM


youreallthesame 3/8/2009 10:39:53 AM

Bad news... I like arsis

no_innocent_faggot_poster 3/8/2009 2:31:38 PM

ass falls of carcass. LOL

porpoise 3/8/2009 9:31:27 PM

if any of you stupid gays aren't going to the carcass show because arsis was your deciding factor then you might as well cannonball into a volcano. the world will be better off.

porpoise 3/8/2009 9:32:33 PM

dont get me wrong i like arsis but guys... its carcass. these guys wrote heartwork.

careerforacaballero 3/9/2009 10:35:47 PM

Jim Malone needs to quit music. This is pathetic. WHy the hell is a guy who has been in the band for like 8 weeks speaking for them? All of them should be ashamed

thrasherjohn 3/12/2009 12:12:12 AM

DIEIHATEYOU 3/7/2009 10:25:59 AM Yeah...awesome Arsis...way to cancel every tour you ever do.----more like way to drop off the biggest tour they'll probably ever do.

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