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Prosthetic Records signs Animals As Leaders

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 9:00 AM PT

Animals As Leaders, the Washington, D.C.-based instrumental/progressive band that features former Reflux guitarist Tosin Abasi, has signed with Prosthetic Records. The group's self-titled debut is slated for an April 28th release, and an advance track, "Tempting Time," is currently streaming on their Myspace page.

"Animals As Leaders is a guitar-driven, progressive instrumental project with ambient and electronic influences," Abasi explains. "I definitely wanted to make an album that was 'guitar-centric,' but also interesting from other perspectives.

"'Tempting Time' loosely deals with some of the time-based societal pressures that come with getting older," he continues. "It's about reconciling your place in your life with where society feels like you should be, and understanding the finite amount of time you have in life to do anything."

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