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Warbringer finishes recording new album

Official press release: Warbringer became road warriors over the course of the past year. The band spent the entire year on the road, hitting nearly every location you could imagine, in support of their Century Media Records debut, War Without End. Now the band has completed work on their sophomore effort and are on the road with Soilwork, Darkane and Swallow The Sun. Warbringer spent their break from the road locked inside Sharkbite Studios working with axe man/producer extraordinaire Gary Holt (Exodus) on the new album, which will be mixed by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, All Shall Perish) and is scheduled for release on May 19, 2009. Fans can expect to hear several new tunes from the record live as Warbringer plays with Soilwork and then on the band’s upcoming stint with Kreator and Exodus. John Laux comments: "We are proud to announce that we have finished all the tracking for our next album! We want to thank all of our fans for supporting our music and for all the outspoken interest in our next record. Without a doubt this is the heaviest Warbringer production to date. Expect nothing less than some brutal, punishing, faster than hell metal with that classy Old-School touch. "With the direction of Gary Holt producing, the experience of Sharkbite Studios engineer Adam Myatt (Exodus, Cattle Decapitation), and the higher standards for quality in our performances it's certain these tunes will leave yours ears bleeding and stereo systems smoldering. We worked hard so this record would leave it as a fact that our music has been taken to the next level. "We are very excited to announce we are about to start our first touring campaign this year with back-to-back tours with Soilwork, Darkane, Swallow the Sun, and then followed up with Kreator, Exodus, Belphegor and Epicurean. We can't wait to start performing live again! If the pit hasn't already broken all your bones you better come out and thrash with us!" Producer Gary Holt also states: "Home after a couple of weeks in the studio with Warbringer, just relaxing and decompressing! The record came out awesome, the guys did an amazing job, really put everything into it, and I'm sure that when Zack is done mixing this, it will be crushing on a whole new level for these guys. Now if I can get those riffs of theirs out of my head, I may sleep a bit better!"


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First real First post.

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Sandwiches 2/10/2009 10:07:50 PM

Poopy peenys

pumpgasinhell 2/10/2009 11:06:10 PM

Is this band good? WHat do they sound like?

mortimer 2/10/2009 11:56:16 PM

Adam Myatt! I went to school with that dude.

Fur_Beach 2/11/2009 1:32:21 AM

i like this band. will be purchasing.

iheartemmurexxx 2/11/2009 7:18:13 AM

lame band.

nickzero 2/11/2009 7:57:20 AM

Good shit. Will spend the dough for this bread.

DWAYNE 2/11/2009 12:00:07 PM


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