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Deftones comment on Chi's condition

In conjuction with the announcement of their forthcoming appearance at this year's Bamboozle Left in April, Deftones have issued an update regarding the condition of bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in a coma since early-November. Here you go: "Our fallen comrade has not made significant progress as of late, but continues to fight on from his accident. Doctors are working feverishly to return our brother to us, and we continue to hold out hope and faith that Chi returns to the life he has waiting for him and can join us on stage once again. "For everyone that knows Chi, knows that he never wanted down time. Chi always wanted to keep working and never slow down, which is why we feel confident in returning to the stage at Bamboozle in April. Chi would want it, and we want to make sure we're keeping his legacy alive. "Back in 1999, Chi had to leave the band for a brief moment and our close friend Sergio Vega filled in to keep the train moving. 10 years later, Sergio is going to step in once again while Chi is down. Sergio is family to us, and had received Chi's blessing before, so without a doubt we know that if Chi could tell us now, he would give us his blessing again. "In the meantime, we continue work on our record, and as for Bamboozle, we felt like we needed to poke our heads up for a quick breath before we buckle down and get this record finished. So we'll see you all in Irvine."


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stevenzero 2/5/2009 4:31:54 PM

first post

wiferuiner_666 2/5/2009 4:33:05 PM

second post

seventwofour 2/5/2009 4:33:35 PM

what was his accident?

bombs_away 2/5/2009 4:35:03 PM

what is this... like the fifth update on him having no progress whatsoever? what's the point?

Mike 2/5/2009 4:38:55 PM

Play Quicksand songs.

xbumpx 2/5/2009 4:43:27 PM

sucks.. that's pretty depressing that he's perma-vegged atm.

bubbajusticereturns 2/5/2009 4:51:02 PM

boo.............. poor guy.

HBDad 2/5/2009 4:52:34 PM

Bombs_away, the band is dealing with genuine emotions over the issue and it is healthy for them to talk about it. As for the non news updates, the news here is that the band will play on. Try to go easy on them with this.

janitor_joe 2/5/2009 4:55:34 PM

this could not have happened to a nicer guy :( i love you Chi!!

ChesterTheMolester 2/5/2009 5:13:00 PM

not to sound harsh but how long has he been in a coma....and his condition hasnt improved at all. maybe its time to pull the plug

carveridesagain 2/5/2009 5:13:25 PM

who cares

murder_boner 2/5/2009 5:20:33 PM

that's what happens when you don't wear your seat belt, kids

DWAYNE 2/5/2009 5:24:27 PM


mongoosemayhem 2/5/2009 5:25:26 PM

Yeah three months, just pull the plug, fcking idiot.

rochesterian 2/5/2009 5:46:56 PM

shit news. doesn't look good, chi cheng. get a witch doctor.

s314ryt 2/5/2009 6:36:32 PM

Some of you guys are really retarded, that's for sure. "What's the fckin news", "who cares", etc. Grow up up, move the fck on and stop writing senseless shit on the Internet...

s314ryt 2/5/2009 6:36:47 PM

... I'd really like to meet one of you idiots writing bull shit under every news article you can see right here. Think first, then decide to post pathetic comments. Dumb ass dafties.

carveridesagain 2/5/2009 7:07:34 PM

wait, how is this ''news post'' not senseless shit? for that matter, how is it even news?

carveridesagain 2/5/2009 7:09:06 PM

you wanna meet someone that posts in the news section? why? so you can not say or do anything to them? get dead fast gay

rat_fink_ 2/5/2009 7:42:57 PM

greedy backstabbers

alangreenspan 2/5/2009 8:11:34 PM

Suuuucks. Hope he recovers. I'd like to catch them live at some point

Sandwiches 2/5/2009 9:47:22 PM

It doesn't matter how many times they post about this. It still bums me out every time

ImRightYoureWrong 2/5/2009 10:15:52 PM

the guy above me said it right. it must be horrible to watch

upsidedown_cross 2/5/2009 10:38:07 PM

Well got damn.

twadorno 2/5/2009 11:59:25 PM

this still depresses me. please get well d00der.

revspin 2/6/2009 1:28:41 AM

fck.. he's probably never gonna recover fully from this. :(

Fraility 2/6/2009 2:03:51 AM

I'll say it again, this sucks and i hope he recovers. I wonder what kind of crazy dreams he's having while in the coma. Maybe he's lost in a field and when he finds the way out he'll wake up, HUH HUH? possible?

Onmyownterms 2/6/2009 8:57:11 AM

get better, Chi, get better

ronniefuckingdobbs 2/6/2009 9:03:38 AM

fuggin' bummer.

no_innocent_faggot_poster 2/6/2009 10:52:29 AM

look at all the sensitive gays in this new post. get the fck off lambgoat.

lawlziez 2/6/2009 11:45:12 AM

all of you gay haters can die in car fires.

appreesh 2/6/2009 1:06:34 PM

was considering flying out to bamboozle left before they confirmed, but im definitely going now.

tonelli 2/6/2009 1:35:45 PM

all you jerks are serious? hell, even if the bassist from dicast was in a coma id feel bad even though they blow. i hope you all are castrated with rusty surgical equipment. you all disgust me. best of luck chi!!!!!!

dracula 2/6/2009 2:43:35 PM

people only say those things for attention from people like you. You know, like a woman. Just for attention.

sickcelebration 2/6/2009 3:23:23 PM

sad shit :[ I wish him them the best <3

PigBenis 2/6/2009 4:53:13 PM

dripflip and/or comaflip

forumdrama 2/6/2009 7:37:07 PM

I don't even care. Eat shit.

kenwregget 2/7/2009 2:38:48 AM

No one's said it yet so I'm just gonna throw it out there that Deftones are all big druggies. Maybe that had something to do with the accident?

YouGotScanned 2/7/2009 3:04:23 AM

still a major bum out. best band to ever come out of nu-metal. hands down. i'll keep hopin' the chi man returns.

rickrock 2/7/2009 2:35:26 PM

"dripflip and/or comaflip" - fckING LOL. Also, Seth Putnam made it out of a coma, so this dude might make it as well. Hope for the best.

RuinerXL 2/7/2009 3:33:07 PM


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