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Karl Sanders (Nile) signs w/ The End Records

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 9:13 PM PT

Official press release:

The End Records announced today the signing of Karl Sanders, the driving force behind South Carolina's Egyptian-themed death metal titans Nile. The End will release Sanders' second full-length solo album, entitled Saurian Exorcisms, on April 14th. The album, which was recorded at Serpent Headed Studios, mixed by Bob Moore at the Soundlab in Columbia SC, and mastered by Juan Punchy Gonzalez at DOW Studios in Tampa FL, contains nine carefully constructed dark cinematic songs that work in harmony to create a uniquely moving emotional experience.

Here is the track listing:

01. Preliminary Purification Before the Calling of Inanna
02. Rapture of the Empty Spaces
03. Contemplate this On the Tree of Woe
04. A Most Effective Excorcism against Azagthoth and his Emissaries
05. Slavery to Nitokris
06. Shira Gula Pazu
07. Kali Ma
08. Curse the Sun
09. Dying Embers of the Aga Mass SSSratu

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