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Recon seeks new frontman

Sunday, January 11, 2009 7:55 PM PT / 6,677 views

New York hardcore band Recon (Rise Records) is currently in search of a new vocalist. The group elaborates: "Alex is no longer with the band, we didn't have a terrible falling out and there's no animosity or anything of the sort, we've just gone our separate ways. We're now in search of the right person to front Recon. We're not looking for anyone who sounds identical to Alex or Chris; what's important is that it sounds heavy and natural. 1. Must be over the age of 19. 2. Some touring experience is preferred. 3. Be able to tour 9-10 months a year. 4. Know our set and be a front man, not just a singer. 5. Must be straight edge. 6. Must not be a pussy or a negative nancy, but at the same time, must not be an asshole. "Aright, so here's the deal, if you fill the requirements, the next step is to record 3 songs off our album, Thirteen, Armageddon and Deceiver. We will have links to download the tracks on our Myspace. Please don't waste our time and yours by screaming at your computer microphone, make sure you record at a studio or with some sort of legitimate recording rig. Email your tracks to reconvocals@gmail.com with your contact info and anything else you'd like us to know. Please don't message our myspace about this, stick to the email address, otherwise it might not get read."

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