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Society's Finest update

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 10:46 AM PT

Society's Finest frontman Joshua Ashworth has issued an update, which includes information regarding a 7" split with My Son My Executioner. Here you go:

"We're practicing and we're gearing up to start playing shows soon, so Dallas, TX get ready. We will start doing weekend runs out of state close to the summer.

"We're writing songs for a split 7 inch that will be released on Doll House Recordings. the 7 inch is with My Son My Executioner and titled 'Good Vs. Evil.' These will be limited release with color vinyl and limited artwork and packaging. After the release we will have it [and it] will eventually be available as a digital download released by Hand of Hope/Eulogy and there will be different artwork as well.

"We are also writing for a series of 7 inches. I believe we have decided on three and they will all be limited releases, then made available in the future as a digital download with different packaging through Hand of Hope/Eulogy.

"Touring... we have made no plans as of today but will most likely end up on the road one day in the future."

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