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All Shall Perish seeks touring guitarist

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 6:30 PM PT / 4,643 views
Oakland CA's All Shall Perish is currently seeking a temporary replacement for guitarist Chris Storey for upcoming touring commitments. The band has released the following statement: "Our lead guitarist Chris Storey will be taking some time off to deal with some family issues and will be missing out on a few tours. We are looking for a touring replacement for a handful of upcoming tours, one fest run in Europe and one fest tour in the states. Please only apply if you are: 1. Over 18 2. Have all pro gear 3. Able to perform all lead guitar parts to 'Black Gold Reign,' 'Never Again' and 'When Life Meant More' 4. Drama and hard drug free 5. In possession of a valid drivers license and passport If you meet all these requirements please email us a link to a video of you playing any of the songs mentioned. If you can do a good enough job by ear, we will send you a response e-mail with tabs and videos. Email all tryout videos to tryout@allshallperish.com"

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