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I See Stars recording new album

Monday, December 15, 2008 9:39 PM PT / 4,476 views

Michigan's I See Stars is currently in Orlando, Florida recording a new album for Sumerian Records. The group has issued the following details: "Now we have been hearing a lot about us and our 'change of music' discussions in our studio update video and I would like to take this chance to clarify this. We are not changing the style of our music! We are still the same hardcore/experimental/electronic/pop band we've always been, however, the structure of our songs have been massively improved by us and producers Cameron Mizzell and James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory). We came to a medium and collaborated our ideas. But we assure you that the style of our music is the same and will not only catch the interest of the "girly poppy scene" but also to those who enjoy a unique breakdown now and then. "Changes to expect: Antares AVP vocal processor. Oh yes the device that some say 'is the only way Devin (vocalist) can sing.' Well because of the overuse by many bands and diverse opinions on this piece of equipment, we have decided to drop it and is only used on the parts of our songs that truly won't be the same without it. We find this is a better way for you guys to explore Devin's natural voice and appreciate more than just the electric vocal. "3D! We can't stress enough how excited we are for the release of this full-length album. This CD is guaranteed to show I See Stars' true potential as we explore with different genres and music waves. The release is not written in stone yet but will be announced soon along with awesome new layout designs, pictures, videos, songs, merch, banners and more."

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