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Earache Recs to release Insect Warfare album

Wed, December 10, 2008 10:10 PM PT2,789 views

Extreme metal label Earache Records is set to release Insect Warfare's classic grindcore album, World Extermination in March 2009. Texas grindcore band Insect Warfare have made countless 7" vinyls and split albums with various other bands, before releasing their grindcore masterpiece, World Extermination, in 2007 on 625 Thrash Records. Following the initial release of the album, the band split and refused all subsequent offers from larger record labels to reissue the classic album until Earache Records contacted the band. Now World Extermination, often hailed as the epitome of grindcore, will be available once again to take you back to the glory days of grind, featuring crushing guitars, frantically fast drumming and inexplicably inhuman vocals. Listen to or get a free download of Insect Warfare's track "Necessary Death" from World Extermination here. World Extermination is due to be released by Earache Records on 2nd March, 2009. View the brutal cover artwork here.

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