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Evile guitarist's jaw wired shut for two weeks

Evile guitarist Ol Drake has written an update on his condition after suffering a blackout which caused a serious jaw injury late last month: "A few weeks on now and I'm slowly recovering. Lost some weight from the difficulty in eating, trying to get energy back as much as possible. The wound on my chin turned out to be infected, so I got antibiotics on that. Went to the maxillofacial... thing at the hospital today (eventually got an appointment) and they've wired my jaw shut for two weeks. I was told this should have been done straight away (at A&E in Rotterdam) but it wasn't. It's apparently slightly too late for the wiring to work to full effect but they've done it anyway. I look forward to more inability to consume food stuffs. Please send all 2 week silence jokes to my Myspace page. I allow everyone to laugh and/or call me Jaws."

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