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Century Media signs We Were Gentlemen

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 1:35 PM PT / 7,659 views
Official press release: Rarely does an unsigned band create as much noise as Virginia Beach's We Were Gentlemen. The band, which formed in 2005, has quickly ascended to the top of the underground due to playing alongside such heavyweights as Converge, A Life Once Lost, The Red Chord and Suicide Silence. Now they are ready to make their name known to the world and Century Media Records is extremely excited to announce the signing of We Were Gentlemen to the label's worldwide roster. When We Were Gentlemen decided to take the band to the next level, co-founders Kalan Blehm and Richard Nuepert went out and financed a van and trailer and began booking tours up and down the east coast with bands such as My Bitter End (Uprising Records), Cassius (Lifeforce Records), and ABACABB (Summerian Records). Since this time, the band has exploded in popularity, having amassed over 45,000 friends and 500,000 plays on MySpace. All of this buzz lead to Century Media Records taking notice and partnering with the band. Now, We Were Gentlemen is preparing to enter Planet Red Studios in Richmond, VA on November 16th to begin recording their Century Media debut. The album, entitled Living Hell, will be recorded by the acclaimed Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Haste The Day) and is tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2009 release. The band comments: "We are extremely proud and excited to be a part of a respected label such as Century Media Records. To be on a roster along side of bands like Suicide Silence, God Forbid, In This Moment, Terror and Earth Crisis (just to name a few) is a real honor. We feel as though Century Media Records is the best home for We Were Gentlemen, and we couldn't be happier with the dedication, commitment, and professionalism Ray Harkins and everyone else over at Century Media has shown us thus far. We would like to thank Ray Harkins from Century Media and our lawyer Adam Mandell for having the patience and believing in this project throughout the whole process. We would also like to thank all of our friends and fans who have supported and stuck with us throughout the years. On November 16th, we will be entering Planet Red Studios in Richmond, VA to record our debut full-length entitled Living Hell with producer/engineer Andreas Magnusson. Living Hell will be in stores in early spring, so be on the look out! We can't wait for everyone to hear our new material and to get out on the road in the New Year. Stay tuned to our MySpace for studio updates, new songs, and tour dates!" Be sure to head over to the official We Were Gentlemen MySpace to check out their brand new video for the track "Cradle Your Filth," directed by Scott Hansen.


arsonaut 11/18/2008 1:39:46 PM

we were straight*

Tinfins 11/18/2008 1:39:57 PM

df sd fkjg jj

vannawhitesuckedmydick 11/18/2008 1:42:26 PM

first first post

sludgeblastedgrind 11/18/2008 1:43:07 PM

Label flip!!!!

xhahax 11/18/2008 1:48:49 PM

45,000 friends and 500,000 plays on myspace....wow

xrybreadx 11/18/2008 1:52:00 PM

myspace plays in press releases = the end of music.

ranchexplosion 11/18/2008 1:55:38 PM


ronald_reagan 11/18/2008 1:56:22 PM

we are huge gays

xxxbenxxx 11/18/2008 1:58:30 PM

i agree...whats with the plays and friends in the press release? people can buy plays for their profile, no big deal. and im sure they friend blasted all those kids on their list.

JULIOJULIOJULIO 11/18/2008 1:59:26 PM


Holynutsac 11/18/2008 2:03:09 PM

So the fck what... Sounds pretty much like everything else..

mongoosemayhem 11/18/2008 2:06:23 PM

This band is amazing and I love every member of this band, they have worked there asses off for this, if you don't like them come fight me. fck you WWG are my best friends and I'm stoked for them.

xgabex 11/18/2008 2:07:04 PM

i remember playing these fools "last show" in VA Beach and it sounded good. but this dudes vocals recorded sound like ass.

planetsforlunch 11/18/2008 2:07:58 PM

that first track kind of reminds me of the last sinai beach record...

mongoosemayhem 11/18/2008 2:13:26 PM

XgabeX they had a diffrent singer back then.

hatredoftheliving 11/18/2008 2:13:57 PM

Remember when Century Media actually had good bands?

flypino227 11/18/2008 2:23:01 PM

congrats for them... good to see richard and kalan are doing well.

Woodshatter 11/18/2008 2:25:29 PM

Aaaaand CM continues to decline as a label.

xeibradiox 11/18/2008 2:25:54 PM

Some of these guys fcked my girlfriend... fck this band!!

jank 11/18/2008 2:30:58 PM

hey look, we were good

withoutashield 11/18/2008 2:32:24 PM

This band is fcking god awful.

trindsghost 11/18/2008 2:33:20 PM

Sounds like AILD.

KRANG 11/18/2008 2:33:34 PM

This band does an AMPM cover you gay boner fcks.

Kids_will_be_skeletons 11/18/2008 2:34:36 PM

fcking sick, so happy about this

lefthandpath 11/18/2008 2:40:13 PM

lame fcking scene band. this band is going to have the same fate as Winter Solstice when they signed to Metal Blade total failure

mike_dexter 11/18/2008 2:42:00 PM

no listen ever to any band that quotes myspace stats in their press reeleases.

chicken_gang_bang 11/18/2008 2:46:29 PM

a no care

JULIOJULIOJULIO 11/18/2008 2:53:59 PM

also, there are almost 15 band name drops in this press release.

newsonlygoater 11/18/2008 2:55:55 PM

they also toured with EMMURE!

newsonlygoater 11/18/2008 2:56:19 PM

by the way, kalan should have stuck with bet on black, much better band

truthsayer 11/18/2008 3:47:49 PM

xrybreadx 11/18/2008 1:52:00 PM myspace plays in press releases = the end of music.

r_j_macready 11/18/2008 4:07:52 PM

lefthandpath, that was probably the most intelligent thing I've heard in months. Century Media and Metal Blade suck dck now trying to cash in on these shitty scene bands.

the_extremist 11/18/2008 4:16:59 PM

I always think it's pretty dck and never post how terrible bands are in these comments but fck man.. These guys suck my balls, hard..

StreetsofRage84 11/18/2008 4:29:53 PM

Started off as gentlemen, by the end of the 1st album they looked more like gentle gayS.

ikillinmydreams 11/18/2008 4:42:02 PM

amazing news for a bunch a great dudes...congrats and fck you to everyone else

xeibradiox 11/18/2008 4:43:17 PM

What the fck is this guy above me talking about? That made absolutely no sense. We were straight gays

rep_the_projects 11/18/2008 5:12:28 PM

boring shitty band

timxantihero 11/18/2008 5:21:34 PM

a couple of guys in this band ran the train on my ex girlfriend and then she said they beatd her. how ironic is it that a band called we WERE gentlemen was accused of beat.

danmoodysmonstermomma 11/18/2008 5:31:18 PM

They beat dudes, like straight up rearsex beat going on. Stay away from them they WILL beat ANY MALE!

idontgiveashit 11/18/2008 6:22:43 PM

this band has gone through every genre of "metal" in an attempt to get signed. they'll fail just like every other one of matt tarpey's band. if they're smart, they'll kick him out.

youeatdickbeats_7 11/18/2008 6:49:59 PM

we were never gonna tell me about this band

ShaolinLambKiller 11/18/2008 7:28:28 PM

I thought they broke up long ago

bigbabyhayzeus 11/18/2008 9:02:32 PM

they're so forgetable that i actually remember them

arrdam 11/18/2008 9:44:17 PM

congrats guys

xperineumx 11/19/2008 12:36:49 AM

you guys, i believe we have a new beat band! good for these dudes, though, for real.

sgd54 11/19/2008 12:54:03 AM

Guys say what you want, 45,000 friends and 500,000 plays on MySpace is impressive to say the least.

sgd54 11/19/2008 1:10:07 AM

Also chalk me up as another dude w/ a girlfriend...that these guys fooled aground with.

Selvin 11/19/2008 3:10:09 AM

holy fcking plethora of gay band name dropping

DONTaskMEiJUSTplayBASS 11/19/2008 3:15:07 AM

congrats to them. cool dudes, good music, and an awesome show to see.

homesweetrva 11/19/2008 8:01:53 AM

I'm happy for them, because I've known these guys for a long time...but not a fan of there music...except I love da AM/PM cover

xbigbx 11/19/2008 8:54:18 AM


mongoosemayhem 11/19/2008 9:06:52 AM

Wow, maybe you gays need to stop dating sluts. Get some self respect.

deeinvagee 11/19/2008 9:27:16 AM

we beatD gentlemen

flypino227 11/19/2008 9:29:30 AM

mongoosemayhem 11/19/2008 9:06:52 AM Wow, maybe you gays need to stop dating sluts. Get some self respect. Werd...

promotedmartyr 11/19/2008 11:44:49 AM

Endorsed by ikillinmydreams+myspace+lawyers+century media=guaranteed pile of shit. No listen.

xrybreadx 11/19/2008 12:50:31 PM

but for the record, they get aggro with the best of 'em. HEAVY

a_new_beginning 11/19/2008 2:41:23 PM

terrible screaming voice, and it is like they didn't even bother trying with the clean vocals, since they knew even autotuning wouldn't help. so monotone. the music is boring, but that goes without saying

TrappedInVA 11/19/2008 4:32:27 PM

just proves you don't have to be good to be signed.

ManTheRamparts 11/19/2008 5:54:39 PM

not so sure about those clean vocals, but kalan's a good dude. congratulations regardless.

xTURDx 11/19/2008 6:25:35 PM

I didn't know "TOTAL gayCORE" was a genre.

blueboggin 11/19/2008 7:59:07 PM

this band got beat in nc once. it was fun-e

musicflip 11/19/2008 8:44:00 PM

please end yourselves.......label/vanflip

iOUTLiVEi 11/20/2008 2:28:55 AM

blah blah blah im hardcore and i hate scene sell out bands because they are too popular for me blah blah blah just listen to u fcking like and stop whining.

goddammit 11/20/2008 6:18:29 AM

What the fck are you doing to yourself, Century Media?

ikillinmydreams 11/20/2008 11:21:00 AM

haha i got namedropped by a gay. sweet.

iheartemmurexxx 11/20/2008 11:35:39 PM

I'd rather listen to these dudes than cannibal corpes or anything like that. atleast i can xmoshx

imwhoyouthink 11/21/2008 2:15:00 AM


Little_alex_fts 11/21/2008 11:25:22 PM


the_end_is_heavy_ 11/24/2008 11:03:32 PM

there are still bands that write this kind of music...and get signed?

bisonhunter 12/1/2008 10:56:23 AM

these guys sound like creed... i love it. woo woo.

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