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Kris Norris Projekt debut set for release

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 9:05 PM PT

Official press release:

The Kris Norris Projekt "Icons of the Illogical" will see release through Magna Carta Records on January 14, 2009. This is Kris Norris' first solo record and release since his departure from Darkest Hour in September. Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God provides vocals on two tracks. Also, Cory Smoot of Gwar recorded, co-produced and mixed the record at his studio Karma Productions in Virginia. A special edition 3-song EP featuring original artwork by Jeremy Bonaventura will be released on Dec. 15, 2008 and available on iTunes and Amazon.

"Everything you hear on this record has been written by me," says Norris. "The new and the older riffs and musical concepts sit side by side to create a full picture of my development."

Taking a cue from the improvisational methodology of Magna Carta's own prog-metal supergroup, Liquid Tension Experiment, Norris let his passion (and fingers) fly when it came to recording these tracks, a process that took just two weeks to complete.

"I've always loved Liquid Tension Experiment and I said if I had the opportunity to ever record an album in a similar vein I would take it," says Norris. "In my own way, I accomplished this by, basically, creating these songs out of thin air. When we went into the studio I let drummer Dave Gibson hear a little bit of a song and then we'd hit record and just play. We continued like that for the entire session. Then when we did the bass tracks with Dave Fugman and did the same thing. I loved working this way and, I think, the record has immediacy, a real fire, because of it."


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