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Paddock Park vocalists leave band

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 10:17 AM PT

Floridian hardcore/pop outfit Paddock Park (Eulogy Recordings) has announced the departure of vocalists Brian Calzini and Jason Neil. Here's a statement from the group:

"Paddock Park left on their first tour and while on tour came across challenges and ups and downs. After meeting a bunch of nice people a new van and hundreds of miles the band made it to California and back. Along the way Jason, the band's singer, decided that touring was not what he wanted to do and after discussing it with the band Jason decided to leave the band for personal reasons. As time went on Brian, the band's screamer, also decided to leave the band for personal reasons and to pursue other opportunities in the music industry. To all the fans that have stuck around from basically day one you all know Brian and Jason were a driving force in this band and the voice in front of the music, but this band will push on and move forward with two new vocalists. We all hope you stick around and see what's to come of Paddock Park as we move forward. There is no harsh or bad feeling between the band, Brian and Jason; we wish them the best of luck with whatever they do musically and encourage you to check out any new projects they might come out with."